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Other Women’s Jobs / Deborah Henning

creative fashion

NAME: Deborah Henning

AGE: 40

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @Deborahhenning_official

JOB TITLE: Creative Director


Deborah is the creative director of Deborah Henning the Label as well as a mentor for creative businesses. Deborah has a first-class honours degree in fashion design and coaching qualifications.

Her brand launched in 2014 in Dubai and has been stocked in Harvey Nichols, Robinsons, IF Boutique and United Designers to name a few. Deborah has also created an exclusive resort wear collection for the St.Regis Maldives.

For the mentoring side of her business, she works 1-1 to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses; Deborah knows first-hand how difficult it can be as a solo entrepreneur and how hard it is to manage to bring a product to market before you’ve even thought about marketing it! She helps businesses at all stages either through online workshops and courses or in finer detail with 1-1 coaching.

Here’s a look at a typical day.

5 AM:

Rise and Shine!

Face wash, water, teeth brushed and then hot water & lemon

5.10-6.10 AM:

I follow the morning miracle routine:

Yoga ( I use the DownDog app)

First I do 15 minutes of yoga to release tension in my body and have a lovely stretch after sleeping.


I meditate for 15 mins. I have practised meditation over the years and never could find time to fit it in, doing it for 15 mins a day in this sequence means I don’t miss it and I reap all the benefits from only 15 minutes


For 5 mins I close my eyes and visualise my goals/dreams/wants to happen, I see them, feel them, and experience them. Depending on what I’m currently focused on this could be a career, personal development, marriage, relationships, travel etc. This technique is used a lot by athletes and is apparently very beneficial


I love books so having a little bit of uninterrupted inspiration each morning is amazing for me. Anything that is growth, personal development related or that will help me improve my diet or sleep I love! (Think and grow rich, Big Magic, Building a StoryBrand, Sleep Smarter)


Then lastly I write, journal any thoughts and plan my day ahead as well as my next moves.

8 AM: I have coffee and breakfast, shower and get ready for the day. Drop my son at nursery, If I have no meetings first thing, I will run or train for 45mins

10 AM: Morning meeting with a coaching client, brainstorming their business and solving problems. Emails and follow-up on any ongoing projects; planning a guest speech or workshop

12 NOON: Nursery run collection and lunch! I have made a habit of stopping work to eat and always sitting down, I used to eat while I worked and feel like this is such a better use of time, so I can digest properly and get back to work with energy after the short break

2 PM: Either sending out orders from the website or planning content for my online course. One day to the next it’s never the same.

4 PM: Content time! Filming fresh content on running a business, mindset, goals, and how to make sales .. all to be added to my online course.

6 PM: Finish for the day, family time, dinner and wind down for bed. No screen after 7pm so I can sleep better

8 PM: I drink sleepy tea and take Magnesium Threonate 30 mins before I sleep. Twice a week I’ll have a detox bath and most nights I’ll read for a bit before bed.

9 PM: Sleep Time


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