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How Dogs are Helping Children with Their Reading

In 2017, Karalynn Thomson wanted to give something back to the UAE community using animal interaction so she launched Reading Dogs, and we can't get enough of it!

The company take specially trained dogs of all shapes and sizes into schools, nurseries and private venues to help children with their reading. Research has proven that reading to a dog can improve children's reading literacy, fluency and language skills by up to 30%, it also offers a whole host of social and emotional benefits and it might be the cutest thing we have seen in a while!

Reading to a dog helps children relax into reading, open up, try harder and have fun reading. The dogs are specially chosen, child-friendly, extremely calm making them the perfect reading companions. Reading sessions take place in a quiet area such as a class room, library or school hall and during the 30 min session each child has a chance to read to the dog. ​

Reading Dogs told us that the temperament, obedience and patient nature is of utmost importance to them, each and every dog they work with has been assessed and been awarded a certificate of suitability and a clean bill of health.


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