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5 Top questions to ask when hiring a nanny

Tips for hiring a nanny to look after your child

Finding the perfect nanny to join your family can be a challenge.  To ensure a harmonious match for your family, it’s essential to ask the right questions during the interview process. 

Here are our top 5 questions we think are key to helping you make this important decision.


1.    How do you handle challenging behaviours and tantrums? 

As we all know, tantrums and challenging behaviours can arise frequently, so knowing your nanny is able to stay calm, be a voice of authority and address naughty behaviour in a positive and constructive way is so important.  You need to know she (or he!) are on the same wavelength as you and able to act as you would in the same situation to avoid further issues the next time a tantrum happens!  If you’re more of a gentle parent, look for someone who disciplines the same, but if you’re more authoritarian, a gentle parenting style nanny just won’t work for you!

2.    What would you do in an emergency situation – i.e if my child chokes or runs away at the park?

If you’re leaving your child / children with someone else, you need to be able to trust them and believe you’re leaving them in safe hands.  This question can reassure you that your prospective nanny can react swiftly and calmly in an emergency, doing what is best for your child. 

3.    What activities do you enjoy doing with children to encourage their creativity and development?

These types of activities are scientifically prove to have significant impact on your child’s growth and learning.  You’re looking for someone who wants to do arts and crafts, play outside and teach your child new and exciting things instead of popping them infront of Netflix for hours on end!

4.   Can you tell us about what a typical day looks like in your current role, including meal times, naps, activities, etc? and anything you would like to do differently?

This will give you an idea of how a nanny would structure her time with your child.  Are they able to follow your routine or do they not believe in strict routines?  Do they allow endless youtube and you have a TV ban after school?  It gives you an insight into any potential differences in parenting styles or routines that may need to be addressed

5.     How do you approach discipline and setting boundaries with children?

Finding out how your prospective nanny disciplines and sets boundaries with children is important to ensure that their methods align with your own parenting style.  Consistency in discipline and boundaries is key to ensuring a child's behaviour is managed effectively and that they feel secure and supported with their nanny!


Remember, it truly takes a village to raise a child, and selecting the right caregiver is so important to create a safe, loving and enriching environment for your little one to thrive! 


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