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Why everyone should have a TikTok account

Why everyone should have a TikTok account

TikTok has now over 4.4 billion downloads across the world, for what started as an app that GenZers used for lip syncing, dancing and hilarious skits it has now rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms of our generation and not just for Gen Zs.

So why do you need another social app? or more importantly how is it different to Instagram that we already know and love?

It’s raw & authentic

The content on TikTok is real and often unfiltered, which can feel like a breath of fresh air when you are used to wading through the beautifully curated images and videos on other social apps. Through these short-form videos, creators give a real-life representation with a rawness we can relate to. Whether you are interested in beauty, wellness, or well even motorbikes you can find the niche content that resonates with you on your ‘For You Page’ (FYP) that gives you a personalised feed that will peak your interest every time.

It’s Google, but better

TikTok is fast becoming the preferred search engine among the younger generation and it makes sense why. What sets it apart from the traditional google search that we are so used to,  is that instead of google’s text-heavy search results TikTok offers bite-sized videos that give information in a much more accessible and enjoyable way. Of course, like google you can’t believe everything you watch on TikTok but there are some great experts on the platform that have a wealth of knowledge that we can learn from no matter the topic.

A cheaper travel agent

Planning your next holiday? Or just arrived at a new city with no idea on what the best things to do and see? Enter TikTok,  the best travel agent for honest reviews and recommendations that won’t cost you a penny. There are thousands of videos on the platform from holiday makers giving you their real life experience on the best restaurants, hotels and their must-see tourist attractions for every big city around the world. Even if you are not sure on where you want to jet off on your next vacation you can search ‘affordable travel destinations’ or ‘the best place to visit in Europe’ and it can help you figure that out too.

Grow your business 

With over 1 billion active users TikTok is a place to be and be seen. Whether you are a tiny one person business handcrafting products from your kitchen table or a large multinational company there is space for you on TikTok with huge potential to grow your audience and your brand. Through tapping into trending topics, sharing the behind-the-scenes of the day-to-day running of the company and connecting with your target audience you could just be one viral video away from gaining amazing brand awareness and sales!

All that being said, you can really tailor your experience on TikTok to your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you want to use it for 20 minutes of  enjoyable scrolling to switch off after a long day at the office or as your business’s next best marketing tool, the options are limitless. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and join the cool kids.


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