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The Perfect Picnic Basket With Jones The Grocer

Jones The Grocer

What makes the perfect picnic basket, one full of Jones The Grocer goodies, that's what!

Outdoor season is fast approaching which means the perfect picnic weather. Jones The Grocer are providing the goods with their environmentally friendly wicker baskets which come in two different sizes, they are available to purchase from your nearest Jones the Grocer.

They have everything available to create the go to picnic day out with their organic sodas available in different flavours. You cannot go wrong with a fresh sourdough baguette and with plenty of things to pair with it like their creamy French brie de meaux. Ample fruits and salads available with the option to buy and make your own salads or pick up one of their own made by a Jones chef. Or maybe you want to take some marinated meat with you, grab one of the Jones superstar rubs and spices for the perfect marinated meats.

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