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Teen Uber Rides (and Peace of Mind for Parents) are HERE!

Teen Uber Rides

Uber has launched new Teen Accounts, for the independence of teens and calm of parents. Parents can invite their children aged 13-17 to a specialized Uber account, where they can book their own rides.

Best part? Parents have full access to the rides with supervision and safety features, including live tracking and real-time notifications.


It’s a simple invite and set-up process for the teens and a myriad of features for the peace of mind of parents. As a parent, you receive the driver’s name, vehicle information, and requested drop-off location so you know exactly where your child is going and who is behind the wheel. Before getting into the car, there is also a PIN verification system where the teenager needs to provide the driver with a unique PIN, and drivers will not be able to start the trip until they enter the correct code into their app – to ensure that kids get into the right car with the right driver.

During the ride, there are sensors and GPS data to detect if a ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. In such cases, the Uber app will message the teen and the driver to make sure they’re OK.


You can also contact the driver at any time during your child’s trip which comes in handy. Only experienced and high-rated drivers will be able to accept teen bookings adding an extra level of protection.

Uber for teens





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