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Review// Dr Levy Stem Cell Facial at Sisters Beauty Lounge

By Adele Allen

Treatment: Dr Levy Stem Cell Facial.

Location: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall of Emirates

Benefits of treatment: World-renowned aesthetic dermatologist Dr Levy, based in Switzerland, conducts pioneering research on the reservoirs of stem cells within our bodies to produce remarkable, nonsurgical aesthetic results. To hydrate and restore skin's youthful elasticity, ArganCellActiv® Complex utilizes the stem cell activator Argan CDV, a plant-derived compound full of anti-ageing molecules. This is paired with a unique massage technique proven to reduce fine lines.

Experience: From the moment I walked through the Sisters Beauty Lounge selfie tunnel I was transported away from the stresses of the day. I was greeted by a lovely facial technician Manpreet, who explained the service and the benefits of the products she would be using. The treatment began with an aromatherapy massage. Strong scents of blended lavender surrounded me, Then Manpreet went to work on my face, the facial started with an exfoliation to make sure my skin was clean and ready to absorb the full benefits of the products, including the relaxing massage the treatment lasted for approximately 60 minutes. 60 minutes of pure bliss!

Verdict: Immediately after the facial not only was I totalled relaxed, but my skin also looked fresher and younger. The fine lines around the eyes were very slightly reduced. I have the Dr Levy Contour Pro Device that I will continue to use at home which promises great results. I was very impressed with the whole salon experience and the results of the facial. I would definitely recommend both Sisters Beauty lounge and the Dr Levy Stem Cell Facial.

Cost: Approx 700 AED


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