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PrepHero Launch 'Share The Meal' Campaign

One of the unexpected downsides of Covid-19 was an increased degree of food insecurity, where many families across the region had no idea where their next meal would be coming from due to a job loss or reduced hours or income, this is something that still continues to effect a lot of people.

PrepHero, has pledged to donate meals to those in need, for every subscription that it received in collaboration with UAE Food Bank. Whether you are looking for nutritious, goal-oriented meals, or are trying to make an impactful lifestyle change by freeing up time in the kitchen while still creating healthy and delicious meals for your family, then PrepHero is the meal plan for you – and will help you to give back to the community too!

PrepHero’s, ‘Share The Meal Plan,’ is the region’s first campaign from a meal subscription company, that has worked towards charitable food distribution, in an attempt to not only feed those in need, but to encourage residents of the UAE to lead a healthy lifestyle while creating awareness for the current economic situation that many families are facing in the country.

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