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Modibodi Turns Three!

Over 4000 women having switched to period pants since launching in 2018

ModiBodi Middle East was started up in September 2018 by Australian ex-pat Natalie Hobbs, who wanted to bring this amazing product which has already taken Australia and the UK by storm, to the Middle East. And that she did! With huge success as they celebrate 3 years this September.

We sat down with Natalie to get the low-down on what the last few years have meant and what the brand has in store for the future.

Hey Natalie! Congratulations on turning three! What has been the highlight over the last three years?

There have been so many! If I had to choose just one, it would be bringing a product to the UAE that has helped thousands of women. I always wanted to do something that helped others and made the world a better place - even if it was making a small difference. Given how many women have described Modibodi as life-changing, and the positive impact we are having on the environment by reducing the number of disposable hygiene products going into landfill, I think I’m achieving my goal!

Have there been any low-points?

There have. Running a business is like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs and times where all you want to do is get off! Fortunately, the ups have far outweighed the downs. Back in 2018 starting a business here in the UAE was new for me, so there was so much to learn (even after 3 years I am still learning every day).

In the beginning it was hard - I had to be across all parts of the business. When you are just starting out you don’t have the budget to outsource work - whether it be social media, accounting & bookkeeping, SEO etc. You need to do it all yourself. And that can be difficult when also managing customer service, fulfilment, marketing etc. The upside is you learn so much, and I believe it’s essential to have a good understanding about all parts of your business - even if it’s just to know which parts to outsource when you can.

As for a low point, I remember receiving my biggest order ever just as Covid had reached the UAE and went into lockdown. I may have cried that day!

Modibodi was originally started to support women with incontinence – is this still where a large proportion of the sales go to date?

You are right, the idea for Modibodi first came about when Kristy the founder was struggling with mild incontinence after having two children. But from very early on, Modibodi became known as period-proof underwear. The vast majority of women are wearing Modibodi for periods, however they are also fantastic for incontinence. They are a lifesaver for many whilst working on strengthening their pelvic floor. With Modibodi you don’t need to worry about starjumps, running at the gym or sneezing!

For someone that isn’t yet using Modibodi but is considering the move, what advice would you give them?

Just give it a try! We have a risk-free offer for your first order. If for whatever reason you decide Modibodi isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund on one pair (minus delivery).

The most common ‘complaint’ I hear once someone has tried Modibodi, is that they wish they’d discovered it earlier. So don’t wait!

You must get some really nice feedback from clients – anything you can share?

I certainly do. It’s the best part of the job! Feedback is anything and everything from someone who is thrilled to finally get a good night sleep whilst on their period; their daughter no longer worries about getting caught out at school when their period arrives; women who say it’s life-changing; or their best purchase of the year.

You recently launched a Breastfeeding Cami range, could you tell us a little more about how this came about?

We’ve had a maternity range for many years, and recently we expanded it to include the Breastfeeding Cami and Maternity Brief in our Maxi24 absorbency (perfect for postpartum). And we’ve got more products on the way!

The Breastfeeding Cami has absorbent leakproof cups, so eliminates the need for reusable and disposable breast pads. It’s probably the most comfortable maternity singlet you will wear, and is designed so you can wear it as underwear, outerwear or sleepwear.

What does the future hold for Modibodi?

Modibodi is all about creating a more sustainable, comfortable and convenient solution. It’s not just about providing protection for periods, but for all leaks, for everyone! We now have the Men’s range here in the UAE, and recently launched reusable nappies in Australia and the UK (and soon we will have them in the UAE). Our active-wear range is expanding, and you’ll always find new colours and styles arriving in the underwear range. Follow us on social media and you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the exciting ways we are making life easier for us all.


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