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Make Different New Year Resolutions

paper new years resolutions

It’s nearly time for us all to resolve to be a “better” version of ourselves as we head into a new year. If

you’re keen to embrace this and make resolutions to live a different life in 2024, we ask you to

embrace some more unusual ones and dig a little deeper than the usual “go to the gym 5 times

a week” or “decrease my screen time”. If you think about it, then it’s actually a great time to be

excited about the possibilities ahead, so we’re all here for that.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. No more delivery apps

Outside of Dubai life, this one may be a little easier to achieve, but as we know in the UAE we live

in a culture of delivery and ease and making a resolution to stop using delivery apps is not so easy.

But if you want a big change to your life and potentially pocket, then this could be it. Making this

pledge may actually be a good way to hit the usual resolutions of losing weight and being healthier

too. Fancy this one?

2. Take a photo in 5 new places

We’re all snap-happy with our phones, so why not tie it in with a resolution to take a photo in 5

new places across the year. Whilst, of course, we’d love to say make it in far-flung holiday

destinations, it could also be in new restaurants, new parts of your city you have never visited

before. Taking photographic evidence of new things is a good resolution to set and of course, you

don’t need to limit yourself to just 5.

3. Join the 5 am Club

We are long-term fans of the 5 am club and believe it’s a great way to get more done and well

“change your life” for the better. If you’ve never given it a try, why not think about it? Just don’t

go straight to 5 am in one day, ease back 30 minutes for a few days, then another 30 until you get


4. Try a new food each week

If healthier eating, fewer delivery apps or trying new things are on your wish list, then trying a new

food or cooking a new recipe each week is a great place to start. Buy a new cookbook, bookmark

some recipe websites and just eat more diverse foods and meals.

5. Say yes more than no

There are those of us who prefer to say “yes” and those of us who air towards “no”. If you’re

traditionally a “no person” why not make it your new year's resolution to say yes more than no? See

what new possibilities this brings about for you – it really could be life-changing. We all saw the

film, right?!


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