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LUSH Unveils Reusable Shopping Solutions

If you turn up to do your shopping without a reusable bag to take your items home you will likely be shamed. Okay, maybe that is extreme but close enough. Gone are the days of grabbing a plastic bag for one item. Remembering to bring your bags for your shopping needs to become a go-to thought. Now is the time to do your bit.

Since its inception, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has always championed eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. The brand is now offering their own branded carrier bags that are made from 100% recycled paper along with offering shoppers other solutions including tote bags and knot wraps, which we love!

Anita Baker, LUSH’s Managing Director comments, “All of the recycled paper we use in our carrier bags and ballistics bags is the same as avoiding six minutes of deforestation. Reducing waste and reusing items is even better than recycling, and at LUSH we encourage our customers to consume packaging consciously and support a reduce and reuse lifestyle with our statement tote bags and colorful knot wraps. Minimizing packaging and going zero-waste remains at the core of LUSH philosophy.”

Over the years, LUSH has created, expanded and innovated package-free products and continues to lead in materials’ recovery, recycled and recyclable packaged. Those looking for an environmentally-friendly shopping bag can say goodbye to single-use shoppers and hello to these trendy options!

The LUSH tote bag and knot wraps are available across all LUSH Stores and online on

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