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#LoveIsBlind - Our Questions Answered

Hands up who else has just finished off the latest series of 'Love is Blind" on Netflix and wow what a reunion it was!

Is it just us, or do you have a fair few question about the show, what goes on behind the scenes and the things you want answered?

Here's some of the things we have been thinking with our questions answered.

// Are contestants paid for appearing on Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind stars are getting paid, but it's not enough for any of them to get rich. Previous contestants have shared that they were paid approx $1000 a week.

// How are people cast for Love Is Blind?

It's a mix of application these days and potential contestants being approached on social networks and through casting agencies.

// Does "Love is Blind" dress the contestants?

Contestants have to bring their own clothes and do their own hair and makeup. Many of the contestants end up borrowing clothes for the show.

// How far in advance is the show filmed?

There is a lengthy period between when the show is filmed and when it airs. Current couples have now been married for 1 year to give some perspective.

//Are the pods soundproof?

In order to have private and romantic conversations, the pods are soundproof, and only the contestants on the dates can hear what is being said.

//How long are the dates on Love Is Blind?

At the start, each of the 15 male contestants dates each of the 15 female contestants for about 15 minutes in round one. From there, the contestents rank their favourite matches and the producers set up future dates based on mutual interest. There are no time restrictions on dates after the first dates.

// How long are the contestants actually in the pods for?

The contestants only have 10 days to find their future partner in the pods. Typically the contestants go around 20 dates during their time in the pods.

// Do all couples make it on TV?

The answer is no. Some even get engaged and still don't make it on TV.

//How long does it typically take them to get engaged?

It varies. Season one’s Cameron said he proposed to future wife Lauren in just nine days. However, Netflix made it seem much quicker.

// Does Love Is Blind pay for the weddings?

The show pays for all basics of the wedding, including the venue, food and music if they couple goes through with the wedding.

// Does the groom buy the ring?

No. There is a collection of rings (approx 10-12) in the "Love is Blind" collection and these are paid for by the show. Couples are allowed to elevate their own weddings and purchases if they wish to. Some contestants have brought rings to the pods with them that were passed down from their families, such as season two’s Kyle, who gave Shaina his mother’s engagement ring. Couples do get to keep the rings even if they don't get married!

//Are the weddings legally binding?

The weddings on Love is Blind are real so if they break up they would have to get a divorce.

// How long between the proposal and the weddings?

It's 38 days until they have to make the final decision.

// Is Love is Blind scripted?

The show is for real and apparently not scripted. We are told 'most' of the conversations held on the show are spontaneous and organic, and that there were no scripts involved. Read "Most".

// Are contestants banned from posting their relationship status online until the show is completely aired?

While the contestants are on the show, they are not allowed phone or computer access. After filming is wrapped, they all seem to keep their relationship status private online until the show is completely aired. Apparently there is no mandate in place prohibiting them from posting their status, but most do buy into the idea that this is something that they do not want to spoil for the audience.


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