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CALI-POKE The Most Ordered Poke Bowl In The World

Poke bowl

The most popular poke in the world according to Deliveroo's food delivery experts is CALI-POKE, from Dubai!

Raw fish is marinated in a blend of soy sauce and sesame oil in a traditional Pacific Island dish known as poke. CALI-POKE's menu has a colourful range, including popular signature bowls, authentic poke sauces and health-conscious combinations you won't find anywhere else. It was already listed as one of the most famous foods in 2019 and 2020, and now it has earned yet another honour. With 40 percent of the top ten most popular dishes being poke bowls, CALI-POKE has good reason to celebrate.

For more information about CALI-POKE's offerings, visit and follow them on Instagram @cali.poke


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