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#WorthTheHype – La Mer

Creme de la mer

Crème de La Mer is a legacy beauty product, we’ve all heard about it - its miraculous anti-aging properties, and its hefty price tag.  But with one jar sold every 36 seconds globally, is it really #worththehype?

La Mer was a happy accident, created by a space scientist in the 1950s when he suffered a bad chemical burn on his arm and was looking for a cream to repair it.  He looked to the sea and, inspired by the natural self-regenerating powers of living algae, took a different approach to restoring his skin.  Through this process, he created the ‘miracle broth’, now found in all La Mer products.  It wasn’t just the composition of the cream that made it a success, but the use of light and sound energy to impact chemical reactions that occur during its formula’s fermentation – a process that is still followed today!  And the reason it’s so eye-wateringly expensive is the process to make it – an intricate, time-intensive process using only the highest quality ingredients.

The benefits of La Mer products go beyond simply moisturizing your skin.  The formulas found in their products protect you against environmental stressors, boost skin's energy for skin rejuvenation, and strengthen the skin's barriers – all things that cause premature anti-aging.

I’ve been a loyal fan for 10 years, never straying.  And it works.  It really works.  So, if you want to invest in your skin, here are my top picks:

1.The Moisturizing Soft Crème 

A nourishing and luxurious cream that works to revive and replenish tired skin.  The rich cream has a weightless texture that helps restore skins moisture and radiance, and visibly reduces fine lines.  Use it morning and night as the final step in your skincare routine.  And fear not, a little goes a long way!

2. The Regenerating Serum 

This renews skin and diminishes fine lines leaving you look revitalized and full of energy.  Infused with a regenerating formula that is derived from marine peptides and plant cells, it works to promote the natural production of collagen.

3. The Concentrate

A serum with a velvety smooth texture, The Concentrate gives you a stronger and more stable complexion.  Its nutrient-rich formula protects the skin from pollutants and premature ageing and works to calm and centre the complexion during extreme weather,  

4. The Lip Balm

A velvet balm, with a patented lip lipid complex that helps restore and fortify the natural moisture and protective barrier of the lips.


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