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The benefits of a full-body Barre exercise

The benefits of a full-body Barre exercise

Barre is a low impact fitness technique that blends elements of dance, Pilates, yoga, and strength training. It strengthens, tones, and lengthens the muscles.

Originally created to be physiotherapy for injured dancers, it is a technique which can be customised and made safe and appropriate for all levels, ages, and abilities.

Nora Hameidani, founder of the Barre Effect is an instructor of over a decade and she believes whole heartedly that it's the most effective fitness technique she has ever come across.

There are so many benefits to the class and method. Here are just some of them…

  • Every class works every muscle, so you leave feeling balanced and accomplished. Barre technique is a fusion of disciplines - strength training blended with high-energy cardio, ending with time to stretch and lengthen the muscles after working them so hard.

  • Just as dance has strict technique, barre focuses on form and alignment. It works small muscles that you did not even realise you had. This is what helps to develop a long and lean physique as not only are the major muscles worked, but also the smaller ones.

  • Barre technique works the muscles in a way that lengthens them, with exercises often consisting of low weight and high repetitions. Muscles burn calories and fat so when you have more lean muscle on your body you able to more efficiently burn. Plus, although Barre helps develop a muscular body, the lengthening muscles mean the body is still lean and feminine, just like a dancer.

  • Barre focuses on strengthening the entire body, including the deep muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back. Working your core muscles will help to improve your posture. Having these muscles strengthened can decrease pressure on your spine, reducing your chance of back pain and injury.

  • Maintaining flexibility can help you in everyday life to be more comfortable and relaxed. Practicing flexibility training regularly can even prevent stiffness from sitting or driving for long periods of time and can prevent injury due to muscle tightness.

  • The class can be modified based on any injuries, with many of the moves recommended by physiotherapist. Often clients come to barre after being injured and realize it is a technique that has longevity and prevents further injuries. Having improved balance and strength from barre classes will support your body to keep it strong and less prone to injury. Most classes do not involve jumping or heavy weights, giving your joints a break. Instead, we strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints, supporting them to prevent injury.

  • Pre and post pregnancy, Barre is a great way to keep the body strong and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Post-delivery, upon getting clearance from their doctor, women can take the class at their own pace and again modify when needed.

  • The class is set to music, forcing you to focus on the beat and try to stay in rhythm. The movements are often compound, using different muscles groups at once, which works on your coordination and mental focus. Many moves are balanced on one leg, which challenges your balance as well as strengthens your stabilizing muscles, increasing bone density and preventing injury.

  • There are endless combinations of moves and exercises, so it always keep you guessing and, on your toes-- every class is different and will then work the muscles in a different way and order. Many clients feel this is motivational to keep going and see what their body can achieve.

  • Endurance training improves your stamina, so you’ll be able to maintain a higher level of activity in your everyday life. Many moves after just 30 seconds will start to burn, so every class you are challenging both your mental and physical endurance. Having a high level of muscular endurance also lowers your risk of developing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

The benefits of a full-body Barre exercise


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