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Why Outfit Repeating is the coolest thing you can do this year

Outfit repeating

Gone are the days of continuously searching for something new to wear, ‘Outfit Repeating’ is NOW the hottest new trend!   Sustainable fashion expert and educator Lou Stokes who works globally with brands and individuals to transform the way fashion is consumed and made to make a positive impact on the planet, is on hand to tell us why this truly is the most on trend thing we can do this year! 

Historically, outfit repeating was considered “a not cool thing to do”, especially amongst celebrities and public figures who were expected to wear new and different outfits for each and every public appearance. 

Did you know that on average people wear one item 7 times before discarding it? 

There is so much stigma around wearing the same thing more than once, and it is so ingrained in our society, even more so now in the age of social media and constant documentation of one's image and outfits.  Many individuals still feel pressure to constantly wear new outfits and never repeat to avoid criticism or scrutiny. 

Escaping fast fashion isn’t easy, it has become so normalised in this fast paced world based upon capitalism, where owning a mountain of clothes and keeping up with the latest trend is seen as super cool and the norm.  

However, in recent years, there has been a shift in mindset towards embracing the outfit repeating trend, as a conscious, sustainable and financially responsible practice that allows individuals to make the most of their existing wardrobe and reduce their environmental impact.

So, what is Outfit Repeating exactly?

It is the act of wearing the same outfit multiple times, often in close succession and styling it in different and fresh ways. After all, if you have items you love then you want to be wearing them!

85% of textiles end up in a landfill every single year. By resisting the urge to continuously purchase new, cheap, low quality items you are making a difference to the planet.

Here are a 5 reasons why you want to start becoming an Outfit Repeater this year:

1. It’s Better for the Planet.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness around the impact of fast fashion on the environment and people, and many are looking for ways to become more conscious fashionistas and starting to shift to cultivating a more sustainable style and wardrobe. By wearing the same outfit multiple times, you can reduce your contribution to the fashion industry's waste and carbon footprint. Plus, you are also saying no to fast fashion and spending your money on clothes that are made in an unethical way. 

2. It Cultivates Creativity, Self Expression & Individuality

Outfit repeating is a great way to express your personality and individuality through your clothes, and can challenge you to get more creative with your style. Play around and mix and match pieces in different ways, try different items together that you never thought could work, see how it feels, experiment. By choosing to wear the same outfit multiple times, you are also showing that you are confident in your own fashion choices and not just following the latest trend. 

3. It Makes You Feels Good

Your wardrobe has a direct connection with how you feel and opening your wardrobe to chaos, clothes that no longer fit or align with your personal style and items hanging up with price tags still attached certainly doesn’t inspire the “feel good factor”.   Having an organised wardrobe with items and outfits you love and want to wear on repeat sparks joy and boosts your confidence. 

4. It’s Budget-friendly

Building a versatile and mindful wardrobe is the way forward, however most people waste their money on mindless consumption, the average person in the U.K spends 918,36 pounds per year on new items and many of them end up in landfills. Outfit repeating is a great way to make the most of what you already have and save money in the process. 

5. It Saves you time

Wearing the same look repeatedly actually saves you time. Most people throw on the first thing they can find in the morning, whereas if you have created actual outfits that you love then you can just rinse and repeat as they say. Curate your wardrobe with some timeless pieces so that it is easy to mix and match. You can even establish some outfit formulas! 

You don’t need to say never to purchasing new clothes to become a serial Outfit Repeater,  the main things you want to be doing are as follows:

  • Making sure you purchase good quality clothes that you absolutely love and will want to wear again

  • Cultivate conscious and ethical consumption 

  • Last but not least, play and get creative with your current wardrobe

Outfit repeating is a revolutionary act, and by rewearing the same outfits time and time again it will have a positive impact on the planet and help to transform the fashion industry. You will also inspire others to do the same. 

It’s vital to the survival of our planet and people that we transform the relationship we have with our clothes and fashion consumption, and that we begin to use and value what we already have.  “Be the change you want to see in the world”

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