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Vietnamese Foodies Open First Licensed Restaurant

 Vietnamese Foodies open their first licensed restaurant in Dubai

Locally founded restaurant Vietnamese Foodies is re-opening its location in Expo City, Dubai. This will also be the brand's first licensed establishment in the city, promising an exceptional dining experience for residents and visitors alike.

Vietnamese Foodies' newest location boasts both indoor seating and outdoor dog-friendly seating, offering guests a unique and welcoming atmosphere to savour the authentic Vietnamese flavours. Whilst the restaurant was briefly opened for Cop28 in 2023 with limited menu options, it has undergone a full transformation and will now re-open with an extensive menu that includes their newest vegan dishes as well as various Business Lunch options.

Scheduled to open its doors on June 1st 2024, the restaurant will showcase Vietnamese Foodies signature dishes including the 14-hour-bone-broth beef brisket and vegan pho. Diners will indulge in other classics such as Goi Cuonand their Banh Mi sandwich which comes with three different filling flavours. The restaurant will also offer a selection of house-made drinks including authentic Vietnamese coffees and teas and classic cocktails such as Whisky Sour and Espresso Martini with Vietnamese coffee - ensuring there is something for everyone.

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