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Trinny London launch first product dedicated to eyelashes

Trinny Woodall of Trinny Beauty

Trinny Woodall of Trinny London has launched her first mascara, promising “flirty, gorgeous lashes” and we're totally here for it as none of her products have disappointed so far as she continues to prove she really does know what us women want.

As the brand turns 10 this year, they have finally launched their very first stand alone mascara with Lash2Lash. Super easy to apply, Trinny has also shared her top tips on how to apply for the best results. Having learned from some of the best make-up artists she suggests applying the mascara to the underside of your lashes, working root to tip. Coat the outer side of lashes, stroking the wand downwards. Once dry, then apply a second coat in the usual upwards direction. This is the secret she says to amazing long lashes.

Shop is here with approx 3 day delivery to the UAE in our experience.


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