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#WorthTheHype – Glossier Beauty


Our beauty shelves just got a little fuller over the festive season and we can’t wait to share our thoughts as we work our way through the newness. As we know only too well by now, not everything lives up to the hype, so join us as we work our way through some of the much raved about products in the weeks and months to come to see what is actually worth your hard-earned money and what’s not. 

First up, we take a look at Glossier, a beauty range with some of the most-hyped products in recent times – but are they really worth it? 

Glossier launched in 2014 and since then its CEO Rachel Weiss has taken it from a line of four products to a business valued at over $1.8 Billion as of 2023.  Much loved on Instagram and TikTok there is no shortage of love and hype online for this female founded brand. 

In short, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth the hype - the answer is YES!  Glossier’s high-quality skincare and make-up does deliver and some, but it depends on your preference and style, as it caters more to the natural “barely there” look and more low coverage “skin-like” products.  This is right up our personal street of making the best of your natural beauty. 

Glossier has a number of much-hyped products, but its star products include Boy Brow eyebrow gel, Cloud Paint blush, and Balm Dotcom lip balm. Let’s share why they’re so deserving of the love and praise they receive. 

One of our personal favourites from Glossier is their paint tube style ‘Cloud Paint Blush”. Gorgeous packaging aside, this is a buildable gel-cream blush that looks supernatural on application. It’s easy to apply and easy to wear and you just build it up as sheer or strong as you like it.  It’s more than a blush though, as we use it on our lips and on our eyes too. The main reason we love it so much is even if you’re not brilliant with make-up, this one is near impossible to get wrong and you can pop it on in a rush as you’re running around without worry. There are cute mini versions which are perfect for a pocket or purse too. 

For a quick brow fix, this is it.  A non stiff and sticky gel that quickly and visibly thickens, conditions and grooms your brows into place.  The best thing really is how it doesn’t make your brows crunchy.  The second thing is that you can use it quickly on a random rogue brow.  Just choose the shade from 4 that works for you. 

Glossier’s super hydrating lip balms come with a strapline – “a tube for every mood” and we love that.  There really is too.  From ‘Berry Balm Dotcom’, to ‘Lavender Balm Dotcom’ and ‘Birthday Balm Dotcom’ – there are currently 9 flavours.   Each is packed with antioxidants and hydrating natural emollients, to nourish dry lips and seal moisture in place.  

Glossier wins and is hype worthy on so many levels from packaging and branding, to quality and innovation.  We just want to try more  - and of course we will! 

Glossier is currently available to buy online with international shipping directly, or a smaller range is available on Glamazle and Noon.  

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