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All Hail 'Trinny London!'

Who remembers What Not To Wear? If you’re as old as me, you’ll probably remember it from the early noughties and how we all clung onto every word in the name of fashion that Trinny Woodall and her co-presenter Susannah Constantine spoke of with their infamous tag line – “we’ll tell you what your best friend won’t”. Fast forward a couple of decades and fashion guru, Trinny has moved on from TV styling makeovers to the world of beauty and skincare. Her beauty brand Trinny London launched in 2017 – which started out as a solution-based makeup brand for midlifers - is now worth an estimated US$330 million.

So how has Trinny gone on to curate one of the fastest growing and popular cult makeup and skincare brands currently around you ask? From her relatable personality to passionate entrepreneurship, Trinny founded Trinny London with the mission to give individuals the confidence to be their best. Major selling points include the ability to easily apply her quality makeup anywhere and everywhere with the tips of fingers from stackable and travel-friendly petite pots and encourage women to rethink their routine. Trinny noticed there was a gap in the market for a suitable make-up brand for middle-aged shoppers who were being ignored by the main market – so she created a solution to the problem. Speaking to Forbes, Trinny cites “there’s a lot of women between 50 to 60, who grew up in an age of beauty where everything was so retouched and the words used were ‘anti-aging’, ‘youth-making’ etc.’ – I want to vomit over these words. They’re so patronizing”.

I’ve personally been using Trinny London for a few years now and another major selling point is how easy it is to navigate around the website and buy the products without swatching or sampling them first. The Trinny London website currently uses a portfolio of 120 normal women, none of whom are models and as the brand is physically not available to purchase in the UAE yet, the website cleverly enhances that shopping experience making it easy for the consumer to see how the makeup looks on relatable and real skin tones.

Keen to try Trinny London and not sure where to start? I’ve complied some of my favourite ‘can’t-live-without’ products from the range including the best-sellers and cult-buys.

BFF Cream SPF 30

I had to start with this one. Probably the most iconic product in the entire range. I believe my love affair with Trinny London started with the BFF Cream. It’s the first product that Trinny herself reaches for in the morning and it basically transforms your skin. It contains light-reflecting flower extracts to help brighten dark circles giving the skin a luminous glow. Best applied with clean hands, the cream creates the perfect personalised shade on your skin giving you an incredibly radiant light coverage.

Miracle Blur Lip and Line Filler

This product runs out of stock A LOT! So much so, the brand can barely keep up with the demand. It’s described as a lip and line filler and uses a formula combination of silicones to instantly blur fine lines on the complexion, making skin look fresher and firmer. It can be worn either under or over makeup – I personally love to dab it on top of my foundation for a smoothing boost throughout the day.

BFF De-Stress

I like to call this the cousin of the BFF cream (above). It’s been formulated to combat the everyday stress of modern life from tiredness and tension to our environment and screen time. This clever product produces a light and glowy tint to perk up the skin and features Neurophroline™, which is believed to break down the cortisol that stressed skin cells produce.

BFF Eye Serum Concealer

Probably one of the best eye products I’ve personally consumed in a long time. Part eye cream, part concealer – the fluid milky texture contains both skin-boosting ingredients and a touch of light-reflecting pigment to instantly fade dark circles. Hyaluronic acid draws moisture into crepey skin (hands up if that skin under your eyes reminds you of a thin French crepe – mine certainly does!), with Vitamin C and a peptide complex working to brighten the tone over time.

Just A Touch

For days when you want a little more coverage – this clever pot has you covered. Trinny believes that foundations and concealers should be applied only where you need them – rather than all over the face – to obtain the most flattering natural look. The product is sweat and humidity-resistant (music to ears if living in the UAE) and works great over blemishes, redness and dark spots.

Eye2Eye Eye Shadows

After using the Trinny London Eye2Eye eye shadow pots, it’s almost a struggle to go back to using ‘normal’ eye shadow. This makes eye shadow application completely effortless. Designed for easy use with your finger, the soft creamy shadows stay perfectly in place all day without smearing or smudging. There are 20 shades to choose from in the range with neutral putty-toned shade ‘Wisdom’ coming out on top as an almost cult-buy because of its universally flattering hue.

Plump Up Peptide+ HA Serum

I’m yet to venture into the Trinny London skincare range but when I do – this will be my first purchase. It has been described as a ‘support bra for your skin’ – helping to bolster collagen and elastin production in the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and promises plumper and smoother complexions.


The Trinny London Lash2Brow product went straight into the top-sellers list when it launched. It is a dual-ended mascara and eyebrow gel, delivering intensely black lengthened lashes as well as fluffy, fuller brows. Two everyday products, in one-go, for the price of one – this is literally convenience in a tube.

Lip2Cheek in Pia

Using the same product on your cheeks and lips is genius. Not only are you getting good value in a product but also, it eliminates bulk in your make-up bag, even handbag. Pia is the top selling shade in the Lip2Cheek range and although it may look bright – once blended onto the cheeks and lips, the result is a beautiful fuchsia colour that will pop on all skin tones.


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