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Other Women’s Jobs / Eilidh Maccallum

NAME: Eilidh Maccallum

JOB TITLE: Style Consultant, Suited & Booted


Eilidh Maccallum, originally from sunny Scotland is a Style Consultant at Suited & Booted Dubai and has been in Dubai for almost eight years - paving the way for female fashion at Suited and Booted for the past two.

Why do you enjoy your job so much?

I really do love my job, especially the spontaneity of not knowing what each day will bring. Suited & Booted without sounding cliché has a real family dynamic and I feel so lucky to have some of my best friends as my mentors and colleagues. I love a challenge and feel like I’m constantly learning my craft and perfecting my skills. It’s a privilege to do what I love every day.

What’s been your worst fashion faux pas?

Growing up in the 90s paved the way for many of my questionable fashion decisions. Dip dye jeans, hair mascara, think of all the girl bands of my era, I’m actually going red just thinking about it! Safe to say my style has evolved considerably, but the spice girls still have a place in my heart if not my wardrobe.

Tell us one staple item of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Oh wow, as someone who never travels light that’s such a difficult question for me. Work-wear-wise, every woman should have a perfectly tailored crisp white shirt and a blazer that can be taken from day to night. Classic and chic. For day-to-day/weekend, a great pair of sunglasses to frame your face whilst hiding the sins from too many tequilas! My inner 90s kid would say denim shorts that can be dressed up or down.

Who is your fashion icon?

In terms of tailoring, I really admire Blake Lively - she always puts a modern spin on the way she wears a suit. She wears her clothes like art, timeless and to be appreciated. I also love Valentina Muntoni, founder of Rat & Boa - their tailoring is simple and chic, and her whole aesthetic is stunning.

Minimum effort with maximum impact.

Where do you see yourself in ten years' time?

In 10 years I imagine myself still in Dubai. As one of the fashion capitals of the world what better place to pave the way in the world of tailoring? I would envisage and hope I would be continuing to style and be fully involved in the fashion scene in the UAE.

Give us your best style advice in one sentence.

The right accessories elevate your outfit to the next level.

I think this sums up my take on style, invest in key pieces which are transferable and you can reinvent your wardrobe over and over.


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