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Shower Gels That Make Us Happy

Shower Gels That Make Us Happy

If like us the shower or bath is your happy place after a long hard day, or just because you look forward to a bit of peace and you time, we firmly believe in the power of a good shower gel or bath cream to add that extra bit of enjoyment to your time.

Here’s our current five favourite shower gels – and take our word for it, they’re all amazing in their own special way:

1. Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser

Aesop doesn’t just look good in your bathroom with its chic contemporary packaging, but it’s the ultimate spa in your bathroom experience. With a few scents to choose from, Citrus Melange is our current pick.

AED 170,

2. Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper

Could any bath or shower time be complete without a choice from Brit brand Molton Brown. We love most of their fragrance blends, but Fiery Pink Pepper is our current one of choice.

3. Le Labo Hinoki Shower Gel

If you have not discovered Le Labo then now is your time. The plant-based gel us made with gorgeous ingredients including rosemary leaf, sesame oil, and the Hinoki fragrance, inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan that carry the mystical, profusely warm and mesmerising scent of the hinoki trees from the surrounding forest. The only downside here is this wonderful unisex number may appeal to your other half too!

AED 140,

4. Clarins Bath and Shower Tonic

If you need transporting to spa, then this is it. This concentrated body cleanser activates with the warm water and releases the invigorating, aromatic virtues of Rosemary, Mint and Geranium. Extracts of Gentian and Pine cleanse and refine.

AED 108,

5. L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

This one is great for dry and dehydrated skin as it is literally packed with oil, so steady as you lather up as the floor can get slippy. When mixed with water this oil creates a milky blend and skin is left super smooth and literally smelling of almonds.

Lather up and feel good xx


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