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Dating After Divorce

by Christiana Maxion

Uh oh! It’s the ‘D’ word ...DATING! Specifically, dating as a divorcee.

Divorce used to be synonymous with failure and the end of love, but now it’s considered a second (or third) chance at love and a new lease on life!

You’re divorced… NOT DEAD! This is your time to shine! :)

Top Tips for Dating After Divorce in Dubai:

‘Date the map’.

This makes dating sound like a game, but let’s be honest—it is! This goes especially for those who haven’t dated in a long time or ever. Dubai is one of the few cities in the world where you can ‘date the map’! Explore dating people from different nationalities, cultures, and religions. This will help you gain more perspective on what you are actually attracted to versus maybe only being exposed to homogeneous partners in the past.

Make every date a success with these top tips!

1-Build your dating wishlist.

Dating gives you the wonderful opportunity to try and do new things! Make a list of all the restaurants and experiences you want to explore, so you’re ready when a potential match asks you what you’d like to do for a date. This is an easy way to date success because even if there’s no romantic connection, you’ve checked another great experience off your list.

2-Learn what your date is an expert in.

My number one bulletproof advice for every date is to find out what your date is an expert in. This can include learning more about your date’s profession, hobby, culture or country. So even if the date doesn’t lead to a relationship, it wasn’t a complete fail because you learned something new in the process.

3-Create your positive dating reputation.

Dubai is a small place. I guarantee that every date you go on will have some kind of connection to either someone you know or will meet in the near future. Build a positive dating reputation by always being on time and being kind. You always want your date to walk away with a great impression of you. You never know who they know. ;)

#1 PRO: You have direction!

Dating post-divorce gives you an advantage. You’re now in a place where you can date from a position of power. You are no longer ‘ticking a box’ or trying to fit a timeline, which gains you the purpose of dating potential partners that actually fit your needs and wants.

Your past relationship has given you the knowledge and experience that comes with marriage and you now have a greater perspective on what success in love actually looks like. You are now dating with a clear direction of which qualities you want to attract in an ideal partner, as well as, things you will no longer accept in a relationship.

Use your past experience to ‘fail forward’ and not repeat prior mistakes, but make new standards and expectations for success in love.

#1 CON: Dating in the 2020’s is complex!

The new dating-verse is saturated with dating apps, online profiles, and mixed intentions. The dating apps give the false perception that there is an endless amount of options at the swipe of your thumb. When in actuality, how many of these profiles are real or quality? And, how much wasted time and energy needs to be spent before uncovering a halfway decent date?

In this world of mixed messages, broken dates, and ghosting, CONFUSION is now a word synonymous with dating. And, the common attitude toward dating in the 2020’s is exhaustion and surrender… but we have the solution, specifically ‘Christiana Maxion Solutions’.

Christiana Maxion Solutions is a lifestyle development company aimed at rewriting the blueprint of the Dubai dating–verse. As a professional matchmaker and certified dating coach, I help men and women attract their ideal partner through elite matchmaking and my curated coaching programs.


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