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Mastering Work-Life Balance

Mastering Work-Life Balance

Mastering work-life balance is not about working late into the night, but rather about prioritising what truly matters. In a world where working additional hours are glorified and as women we want to constantly prove ourselves, it's important to recognise that true success lies in maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.

As someone who has a very healthy work-life balance and strives for my team to have the same, I have given my four top tips for mastering this so that you can be your best self in the office and in your personal life!



Putting yourself first may seem counterintuitive in a culture that values overwork, but it's essential for overall well-being. Taking time for self-care, whether it's hitting the gym or simply enjoying a leisurely dinner, not only reduces stress but allows you to achieve a better night's rest and in turn come to work well rested and full of creativity. Your upbeat attitude becomes contagious, uplifting everyone around you which can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life. I've witnessed colleagues exhaust themselves by working late, only to show up at the office drained and uninspired the next day. Your boss takes note of the energy you bring into the office, and it sets the tone for the entire team. When you exude a sense of refreshment and energy, it positively influences productivity and overall team morale.



Quality time with loved ones is another crucial aspect of achieving work-life balance. While it's natural to discuss work with your partner, it's important to be present and fully engaged when you're together. Bringing work home can strain relationships and diminish the quality of time spent with loved ones. Do you have a set date night with your partner? Or perhaps you sit down to watch your favourite show on Netflix a few times a week. Whatever it may be, being fully present and being off your laptop and phone and giving you and your partner or family your undivided attention will do wonders for your brain. Something my fiance and I do when we have had a crazy day at work and don’t feel like talking is go to the gym together. We listen to our own music, zone out but we do the same workout routine side by side and it’s a really nice way to be together while winding down after work. By prioritising meaningful connections and setting boundaries between work and personal life, you can nurture your relationships and maintain a healthy balance.



In addition to self-care and quality time with loved ones, staying connected with family and friends is also essential. Living in Dubai as an expat I’m sure we can all agree we miss our families immensely. However, despite geographical distances, taking the time to call and connect with loved ones creates a sense of belonging and support. Whether it's catching up with relatives overseas or sharing updates with friends, these connections serve as anchors amidst the demands of work life. One of my favourite, low maintenance methods of keeping in touch with friends is sending absolutely meaningless memes and reels on Instagram that make us cackle.



As a young woman in a managerial role, I've observed a common trend among team members eager to demonstrate their skills and experience by taking on every task solo. While it's important to fulfil responsibilities within our job descriptions, there's also immense value in delegation. Assigning tasks to different team members not only provides them with valuable experience, confidence and training but also creates a collaborative environment. Attempting to shoulder the entire workload alone often leads to burnout. Embracing collaboration, sharing responsibilities and setting realistic expectations are all strategies that contribute to a more efficient workflow. When you trust in your team and empower each member to excel in their roles, the collective effort yields successful outcomes without sacrificing personal time.


Mastering work-life balance is about more than just clocking in hours at the office. It's about prioritising self-care, nurturing relationships, and optimising productivity. By valuing your well-being and investing in meaningful connections, you can thrive both personally and professionally.

So remember, working late is not a flex… work-life balance is!



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