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Pre-Order Your Christmas Trees on Kibsons Now!

I get it, we only just stopped talking about Halloween but it's time to get organised, people! First off - have you decided where you will be getting your tree from? Fear not - Kibsons has you covered as from today you can pre-order yours online. Phew!

The Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are sourced from sustainable farms in Denmark and are renowned for their excellent quality and exceptional longevity. It’s one of the most popular Christmas tree variety, due to its classic shape and dark green glossy needles which are more child and pet friendly than other varieties.

The tree holds its needles well, even after it has been cut, which makes it an ideal choice to have inside the home where conditions are often warm. The Nordmann Fir is often called a non-drop tree because its retention is excellent and it is much more resilient to the heat.

The Selection:

1.50 – 1.75m – AED 216.75

1.75-2.00m – AED 361.25

2.00-2.25m – AED 467.50

*In addition Christmas Tree bases are available for AED60-70.

Pre-order your real Christmas tree today from, with delivery dates between 29th November – 3rdDecember. Stay up to date on social media @kibsons or call +971 800 5427667.


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