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Other Women's Jobs // Alena Lavdovskaya

Alena Lavdovskaya

NAME: Alena Lavdovskaya

AGE: 40

JOB TITLE: Fashion Artist and Founder of Fashion Illustration Studio



Alena is a fashion illustrator, creator of unique workshops, and best known for her glamorous illustrations and sketches. Featuring live models and high-fashion looks, her portraits recreate the atmosphere of a real photoshoot with illustrations inspired by designers from the 20th century. She has worked with esteemed maisons such as Christian Dior and fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle.


Currently, Alena is collaborating with ME Dubai for the third time to bring her expansive knowledge and savoir-faire to an immersive fashion illustration exhibition, offering guests a peek at her artistic vision.


Let's take a look at Alena’s typical day...


5:55 AM: I love to wake up early, and I usually begin my day hugging my beloved family, praying, and writing or drawing in my diary. I then go for a morning swim or walk to get my day started with physical activity.


8:00 AM: After my morning swim or walk, I then have a light breakfast to power through the day.


9:30 AM: Since I’ll be in ME Dubai for the whole month of March until the 15th of April for my solo exhibition entitled “From Documentary to Abstract," I dedicate this time to being at the gallery on the 3rd floor to catch the best natural light illuminating through the space. I also like to plan private viewings and artistic events around this time, set alongside the stunning architecture of Zaha Hadid.


12:00 AM: I dedicate this time to planning the rest of my day and future projects that I might have. My life is divided into two different fields, which is a challenge to combine sometimes. One of them is me as a businesswoman, where I run my own creative and illustration agency, where we create concept art for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Cartier, and Prada, just to name a few. As an entrepreneur, my day usually revolves around planning the schedule for the team, meeting clients, creating concepts, meeting deadlines, and keeping up with the high demands of the luxury fashion industry.


On the other hand, my side of being a true artist and working in a studio, creating canvases, sketches, experimenting with new ideas, and being led mostly by my heart and where inspiration takes me—just me and my muses. This side of me is often very spontaneous and unpredictable. However, I always believe that planning is a must.


2:00 PM: During this time, I am usually still at the studio drawing or getting ready for brand events. Drawing sketches, doing set-ups, and styling myself and my heroines have become part of my daily routine. 


4:00 PM: I would have lunch and go for a walk to refresh the mood and gather thoughts.


6:00 PM: I continue drawing portraits or animated advertising with my clients. Sometimes I would create mood boards or organise meetings with clients and muses on other days.


8:00 PM: This can be anything from dancing to drawing with my family. We have this family tradition of creating four sketches together every day before going to bed. We set up the timer for 5 minutes and do 4-6 rounds; one starts the work and hands it to another to continue. It's a fun activity as a family that makes us feel more together and connected by art, which also helps boost our creativity.


10:00 PM: If I’m in the mood, I’ll continue making art all night. Otherwise, I will be in bed around this time, as I'm an early bird by nature.



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