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Other Women’s Jobs / Dr Natalia Spierings

NAME: Dr Natalia Spierings

AGE: 40

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @drnataliaspierings

JOB TITLE: Consultant Dermatologist

MOVED TO THE UAE IN: Visiting Consultant since October 2018

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Natalia Spierings is a UK-trained doctor whose mission is to provide a results-driven approach to treat skin problems – from rashes to wrinkles to skin cancer - and achieve beautiful skin. Her patients leave her office with effective, science-based treatments to tackle a wide range of skin problems and help them maintain life-long healthy, glowing skin. As a result, Dr Natalia’s patients face the world with confidence, each and every day.

Dr Natalia uses her in-depth understanding of skin physiology and pathology, coupled with her extensive clinical experience, to work with those who are unhappy with their skin or suffer from skin conditions to accurately diagnose their problem and prescribe the correct, evidence-based, targeted medical or surgical treatment.

She passionately believes that the route to beautiful skin doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, and that less is more. She cuts through the clutter of confusing and often conflicting marketing jargon put forth by the skincare industry, generally coupled with an extortionate price tag, to advocate for truly evidence-based, medical skincare that is simple and effective, as well as accessible and affordable.

Dr Natalia aims to inform and inspire both men and women, young and old, to achieve beautiful skin – whether the primary concern is medical, cosmetic or skin-cancer related. She cuts through the skincare industry marketing and aims to provide care that is ethical, honest and effective, putting the person before profit.

What does her day look like...

5AM: Wake up! I’m a morning person – first thing in the morning I make coffee and check my emails – because I work in both London and Dubai I get emails from patients 24/7 and like to respond as quickly as possible to patient queries.

6AM: Gym! I used to compete in bodybuilding and I still love lifting weights so I train every morning for about an hour

9AM: Work! I do clinical work usually 6 days a week – in the UK in the NHS my focus is skin cancer and skin surgery and in my London private practice and in Dubai I do a lot more aesthetics and skin disease consultations.

6PM: Home time! I don’t usually have a break at work as my patients are booked back-to-back but I do have coffee/food breaks at strategic points during the day to keep me going

I also usually spend some time every day making content for social media and answering DMs. Communicating with people is a massive part of my job and that communication never stops – whether it is via email, in person or through social media channels.

7PM: At home after work it is more emails, life admin and maybe an episode of some type of reality series like Real Housewives. I am a huge fan of reality TV shows.

9PM: Early to bed…I function best on 8 hours of sleep so, at least on work nights, I definitely try to be in bed by 9PM!


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