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#LifeLessons - Sarah Silsbury (aka Dubai Secret Shopper)

Sarah Silsbury (aka Dubai Secret Shopper)

NAME:  Sarah Silsbury (aka Dubai Secret Shopper)

AGE: 52

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @dubai.secretshopper

JOB TITLE: Personal shopper & stylist and huge advocate of women feeling and looking fabulous whatever their age and wherever they are in life.

Sarah is a stylist with over thirty years of experience in helping women (and men!) find their most fabulous selves. We all lose our way in our wardrobes at some point during our lives so whether it’s post pregnancy, menopause or a huge life-changing event like divorce Sarah helps clients find their fashion mojo and love the reflection they see looking back at them from the mirror. How you feel is so intrinsically linked to how you look and a guiding hand with lessons in style to suit your circumstance, body shape and needs can go a long way in building confidence and putting a spring back into your stylish steps.

Fashion is so often seen as frivolous and futile and women especially are made to feel guilty if they dedicate any time away from career or family to look after or spend time and money on themselves – during her career, Sarah has seen clients time and again ‘bloom’ during a styling or shopping session as they explore and remember the excitement and creative buzz finding their ‘style’ brings.

Some stylists will create you a perfect organised wardrobe, others will dictate style rules to help ease confused choices but Sarah wants her clients to ‘shine’; to walk into a room and radiate their best, most beautiful and glorious selves – all whilst having the most fun as ultimately, if it makes you smile – it’s your style!  

A dress won’t change the world BUT believe me the woman in it CAN and WILL if she’s feeling funking fabulous!


Today Sarah shares her top 3 life lessons with us...



We all spend so much of our lives  saving clothes, not going to the party, not dancing in the rain and generally not throwing caution to the wind for fear of ‘getting it wrong’ and the unleashing the sting other people’s negative opinions. BUT when you finally call time on constraint and live a life free from fear or ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ you’ll find that not only do you smile more but that everyone smiles a long with you. Don’t wait, put off or save anything – just WEAR THE DRESS!




Look after and look out for other women. Being a woman is hard and after you’ve battled through the entrenched patriarchy, glass ceilings, societal misogyny and general all encompassing male-ness of life who really needs added stress and competition from sisters-in-arms? So respect and help other women whenever you can, especially if they’re younger, less experienced or able than you – believe me ‘sisterhood support’ will repay you tenfold.



No good ever came from holding on to anything that needed to be let go – whether it’s a relationship, a job,  a habit or a worn out handbag - if it’s not serving or giving happy vibes give it up. I’ve realised in life that generally if you make space in your life by leaving or letting go of something, it usually makes space for new, exciting and generally happier experiences. Be brave and make changes as and when you need to – you can’t always change people or situations but you can always change the people and situations you’re involved with.




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