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#LifeLessons - Jodie Bellamy

#LifeLessons / Jodie Bellamy

Name: Jodie Bellamy

Age: 38 years old 

Instagram handle: @regularmumz 

Occupation: Content Creator and Mum

Jodie Bellamy is 38 year old proud mum to toddler Cruz. When Cruz was born, it was the pure joy and rush of motherhood after having him that gave her the push to start interviewing other women to hear their stories. So, Jodie’s Instagram page @regularmumz was born. 

Her platform not only brings her personally a lot of joy and inspiration, but it also looks to serve others too. It’s all about connection - and as we know, connection is everything when you’re a mum. 

Jodie never realised how much she would relate and resonate with what the other women she featured were sharing and often it was just what she needed to pull herself through some of the tougher times she was going through as a parent.

Today Jodie shares her 3 #LifeLessons:

  1. The best things don’t come to you quickly

All setbacks and failed attempts are part of the process - and when you reach your destination, you’ll be all the more satisfied. It’s so important to know that you don't have to have it all figured out when you think you should.

  1. Health is everything! 

Especially now I’m a mum. I realise that I have to be in peak health to look after a child, both physically and mentally. It’s really key to eat nutritious food, exercise, try to get enough sleep, drink water, take your supplements and rest when you can. 

  1. Do the inner work! 

You can work on your outer body to the max, but it means nothing unless our insides are happy too. Meditation, therapy, sound baths and Kundalini are amazing for getting in touch with your inner self. I believe everyone needs a little bit of spirituality in their lives, and if we don’t let go of old wounds and traumas from the past, they will always influence how we feel.


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