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#LifeLessons - Nora Bens

#LifeLessons - Nora Bens

NAME: Nora Bens

AGE: 32

JOB TITLE: Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Ayurveda, Vastu & Feng Shui Consultant, and Traveller

Nora Bens went on a self healing journey and adventures, studying the ancient medicine ayurveda and learning from gurus. She has journeyed across the globe and is renowned for her innovative approach to wellness interior design and her entrepreneurial spirit, leaving her mark on diverse spaces with a fusion of Ayurvedic principles, Vastu Shastra, and Feng Shui, alongside contemporary design sensibilities.

With a passion for creating harmonious environments that promote both physical and mental well-being, she has garnered attention for her unique blend of aesthetic appeal and holistic living. Her designs transformed spaces in UAE, Europe, Britain,  Mauritius, United States, ext.

Join Nora as she shares three invaluable life lessons drawn from her multifaceted journey and diverse experiences.

#LIFELESSON – Cultivate Inner Harmony

In the fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to become overwhelmed by external demands and distractions. However, Nora believes that true fulfilment comes from cultivating inner harmony. Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, she has learned to create a sense of peace and balance within herself, regardless of external circumstances. Nora encourages others to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being, recognizing that when we are centered and aligned with our true selves, we can navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.

#LIFELESSON – Embrace Serendipity and Adaptability

Throughout her journey as an entrepreneur and traveler, Nora has encountered numerous unexpected twists and turns. Instead of resisting change, she has learned to embrace serendipity and adaptability. By remaining open to new experiences and opportunities, Nora has discovered hidden blessings and unexpected joys in the most unlikely places. She encourages others to let go of rigid expectations and embrace the fluidity of life, trusting that every detour has the potential to lead to something beautiful and meaningful.

#LIFELESSON – Embrace the Wisdom of Nature

As a practitioner of Ayurveda and Feng Shui, Nora has learned to harness the wisdom of nature in her personal and professional life. She believes that there is much to be gained from observing the rhythms and cycles of the natural world and aligning our actions accordingly. Whether it's incorporating natural materials into her design projects or spending time in nature to recharge her own energy, Nora encourages others to cultivate a deeper connection with the earth and its elements. By honoring the inherent wisdom of nature, we can find greater harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives.

Nora also share's some advice on how to enjoy the Nature in design in every home:

Incorporate natural light which helps in improving mood, promotes vitality and positivity into your day.

Use natural materials: wood, bamboo, stone, clay into furniture, decor or flooring can elevate and resonate with the earth’s energy which helps in grounding and connection.

Introduce water elements into your home, like fountains, aquariums, or indoor waterfalls, which helps attract abundance and improve the flow of energy.

Use biophilic designs or nature shaped designs, integrate natural shapes, flowy, and smooth, that are inspired by nature or use earthy hues that create a stronger connection to nature.

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