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#LifeLessons - Laila bin Hareb Almheiri

Laila bin Hareb Almheiri

NAME: Laila bin Hareb Almheiri

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @lailabinhareb

JOB TITLE: Founder & CEO, Senior Advisor, Award-Winning Leader, Board Member

Laila Bin Hareb Almheiri is an Emirati serial entrepreneur, the founder & CEO of Alive Group, a keynote speaker, and an expert on multiple disciplines with more than three decades of experience as a government leader in transforming the aviation, cybersecurity, public transportation, and holistic healthcare sectors while contributing to the UAE’s development.

After her departure from the public sector, Laila founded Alive Group driven by bringing change to society and communities based on her personal experiences. She set up an innovative medical diagnostics company (Alive Medical), education (Alive Education and Events), and cybersecurity awareness (Alive Newledge) where she spearheads all projects while providing consultation services to leave a lasting positive impact on society. She also founded Alive Holistic rehabilitation centre with a carefully selected medical team to help assist her as a holistic therapist.

What are Laila's key #LIFELESSONS

A strong hubris can ultimately result in our demise unless we act upon it. I once made the mistake of approaching a problem with the same overconfident manner I'd been using for a long time. Because I've been using the same approach for so long due to my extensive experience, I've lost sight of what other perspectives might offer. At a time when I should have been seeking out fresh perspectives and

learning, I veered off from other people's opinions. We should learn how to learn. We should learn how to admit when we are mistaken or merely lack sufficient knowledge in a particular subject and open our minds to new possibilities.

Adhere to your values. We are not responsible for other people’s emotions, however, we are accountable for our own actions. Honesty and compassion are the two pillars we must abide by,

and we must ensure that they are instilled everywhere. In this day and age, we should safeguard our mental and emotional well-being threaten by bullying, gaslighting, and emotional blackmail. It is critical that we recognise these behaviours in order to overcome emotional difficulties and build a strong shield around ourselves as we move through life.

Invest in relationships for long-term happiness. I learned in life that a strong foundation is built by creating meaningful friendships and sustaining healthy relationships with our families. Because ultimately, our families and deep relationships with friends will always be the backbone of our well-being once we have advanced in our careers. Long-lasting human connections are simpler to make when we are young than when we are older. At a certain point in our lives, it’s more difficult to create and maintain a relationship with someone. In the end, we only have the people we love to fall back on.


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