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#LifeLessons - Daniela Rossi

Daniela Rossi

NAME: Daniela Rossi

AGE: Only 3 years away from celebrating my first half-century!


JOB TITLE: Unlimited Founder and Managing Partner

Daniela is proudly 100% Made in Italy but ever since she can remember she has always been on a quest to explore different countries, embrace unique experiences and discover authentic stories.

Daniela threw javelin in college and studied Chinese at University. Throughout her 20 years career from Buyer to Senior Vice President for international companies in online and offline retail Daniela always searched for the stories behind brands, which allowed her to successfully empower young entrepreneurs, independent designers and emerging brands providing them with launching platforms to tell their story, allowing them to enter into new markets and expand their distribution network.

Daniela's quest isn’t over and probably never will be. Call her nostalgic but having seen her daughters growing into young women without her realising it because Daniela was always too busy working (her youngest used to call me “Ladyger”, her feminine version of “Man-ager”!!!), brought Daniela to embark on a new mission: to search and tell genuine stories of powerful women and inspiring mothers at 360 degrees…with the aim to leave a meaningful legacy to the new generations.

That’s how Unlimited came to life. In less than 2 years it became a trusted multimedia podcast platform featuring over 50 leading visionary female CEOs, award-winning female entrepreneurs and pioneering women from the UAE.

For every new episode, Daniela has the opportunity to scout and engage in a fresh, new and genuine conversation with incredible young talents or esteemed personalities from diverse backgrounds and sectors to unveil their personal journey and professional story, promoting their vision and mission while spreading awareness and challenging stereotypes. It’s an ongoing discovery and an Unlimited source of inspiration.

What are Daniela's key #LIFELESSONS

#LIFELESSON – 1 Be the author of your own Story.

Isabelle Allende said “You are the Storyteller of Your Own Life. You can create your own legend. Or not.”

I meet new people almost every day and very often they tell me “I have nothing to say” or even worst “I’m not special. My story is not special”

We all have a voice. We all have a story and a purpose. To some is loud and clear, to others is hidden deep down.

It’s up to us to choose how to use our voice and how to convey our message.

I found podcasts an ideal medium to spread my message, amplifying women’s voices and sharing the story of all the inspiring talents around me.

Others find it in visual arts, performing arts, or writing. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. No one knows your Story better than yourself. It’s only a matter of finding the right tune and being sure that I’ll be there to listen

#LIFELESSON – 2 Join Voices to Join Forces.

In life and at work build a supportive ecosystem around you that you can trust and rely on. `Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey, Leadership can be as lonely; that’s why partnerships are crucial. That’s why collaborations are important.

Financial support is undoubtedly critical but emotional support, also in business, is underestimated. Identify someone on the same wavelength, with the same ethos and value. Join Voices and Join Forces.

It will allow you to grow your network, will enable you to fulfil gaps, will provide you with technical or soft skills that can complement your own or simply, but not less importantly, will help to stay afloat when the times are rough and propel you further towards the right direction.

#LIFELESSON – 3 It’s not about WHAT we do, but WHO we are.

No matter what we do and where we come from, it’s who we are that makes us unique.

We are more than just the job title on our business cards. We are more than the list of professional achievements on our CV or the pretty pictures on our Social Media.

Our inboxes are full, our agenda is always packed with meetings. We cross paths with dozens of people every day. But do we really know them? Do they really know us?

To create an impact - a genuine impact - we need more than just endless actions in our hectic lives. We need a clear way of being.

When we start unveiling who we are, without filters and without fears, as people - women - mothers, that’s when we create authentic connections. That’s when among the hundreds of people around us, regardless of where we come from or what we do, we’ll be able to identify Unlimited similarities in our life experiences and it will allow us to understand, relate and connect with one another. For real and for good.


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