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#LifeLessons - Noor B the CEO of Humble Power

NAME: Noor B.

AGE: 39


JOB TITLE: CEO and creative director

Noor is the founder and CEO of Humble Power, a brand dedicated to providing modest activewear for women. Born in Canada and now based in Dubai since 2008, Noor's educational background was in business administration and her extensive training in yoga and holistic nutrition have fuelled her passion for wellness and empowerment.

Humble Power was born out of a personal need for modest, functional activewear after her fourth pregnancy left her searching for a way to reclaim her strength and identity. Today, Humble Power as a brand is not just about clothes; it’s about empowering women to embrace their fitness goals and modest values, inspiring them to lead active, confident lives.

Today we learn about her biggest 3 life lessons:



#LIFELESSON – 1 - Embrace Challenges as Opportunities


One of the most significant lessons I've learned is to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Starting Humble Power was not just about launching a business; it was about overcoming personal doubts and industry biases towards modest activewear. Each challenge, from design to production, taught me resilience and innovation. This mindset has not only shaped my approach to business but also encouraged me to support other women facing their battles, showing them that obstacles can lead to our greatest achievements.



#LIFELESSON – 2 - Authenticity Drives Success


Being true to oneself and one’s values is fundamental. When I started Humble Power, I was driven by the need to create something that didn’t exist—modest activewear that didn’t compromise on functionality or style. Staying authentic to this vision has resonated with our audience, helping build a strong, loyal community. This authenticity in our brand’s mission—to empower and accommodate all women—has been key to our success, teaching me that genuine intentions often lead to meaningful, sustainable outcomes.



#LIFELESSON – 3 - The Power of Community


Starting and growing Humble Power has reinforced the power of community. By fostering an inclusive environment where every woman’s voice can be heard and her needs met, we’ve created more than a brand; we’ve sparked a movement. Each story of a woman empowered by our products reminds me that what we do is impactful. This lesson underscores the importance of building networks of support where empowerment, respect, and encouragement flow freely.




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