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#LifeLessons - Mary-Anne Maguire 

#LifeLessons - Mary-Anne Maguire

NAME: Mary-Anne Maguire 

AGE: 33

JOB TITLE: Founder of NOVU Rituals

Meet Mary, she's the founder of NOVU Rituals, a UAE homegrown sustainable skincare brand. She believes the ideal way to attain and maintain skin health is through the power of nature, which is why she's dedicated to making high-performance natural, vegan & organic formulas that make people look, but most importantly, feel their best. Not only that, her brand NOVU also concentrates on ‘beauty beneath the surface’ by creating products that not only deliver exceptional results but that also give back to the people, the community, and the world.

Today Mary shares with us her top three life lessons that have become a constant in her day-to-day.

#LIFELESSON – 1 - Get in the ‘flow’.

Find your most creative window in the day and utilise it to its fullest potential. For me, it’s straight after my morning workout. That’s when I feel my best, my most energized self. This is when I do my most creative thinking, this is when the magic happens. It’s when I can easily get in the ‘flow;’ a deep immersion into something you’re passionate about. Time seems to slip away and creativity flourishes. I think it’s difficult (or maybe even impossible) to give your all, all day every day. That’s why I find it easier to figure out when that short window is where I can give my 100% and I go for it!



#LIFELESSON – 2 - Self-care is not selfish. It’s a necessity.

In order to do your best (at work, the gym, parenting, growing a business etc.), you need to feel your best. Health is wealth. And health is boosted from all forms of self-care rituals including skincare, exercise and eating well. My skincare routine is a daily essential; it’s not just a ‘routine’, it’s a ritual to wake or unwind, to set the tone for the day or the evening. A type of mindfulness promoting self-love and enhancing self-worth through the power of skincare.


#LIFELESSON – 3 - Doing good feels good.

I’ve always found that doing charity work, giving back, and helping others can actually have a holistic response as it always makes you feel good, grounded and humble. I try to give back when and where I can. You can choose a passion or a purpose-driven charity. Head down to Stray Dogs Centre to walk some furry friends, donate to a charitable cause that hits a passion point, waste less, and recycle. This was my main inspiration for the creation of NOVU.


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