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#LifeLessons - Natasha Rudatsenko aka Health Nag

Natasha Rudatsenko

NAME: Natasha Rudatsenko

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: health_nag / natasharudatsenko

JOB TITLE: Founder & CEO of Health Nag

Natasha likes to call herself a wellness artist. She is passionate about health and wellness but always tries to express it creatively through the businesses she sets up. In more conventional words, she is a serial wellness entrepreneur with an undying desire to make the world a healthier and happier place.

The health obsession started from her own personal health crisis. Endless appointments trying to find a solution didn’t get her very far. So, she had to take her health into her own hands. She has spent over 10 years actively studying, researching, learning, trying different methods in the fields of Natural Medicine, Anti-Aging, Naturopathy, Holistic Therapy, Herbology, Structured Detox and Intermittent Fasting. This all gave her an incredible insight into human biology and biochemistry that completely transformed her own health. Naturally, once she helped herself, she made it her life mission to help others.

Now all she wants to do is to make people’s path to healing much easier and ‘less bumpy’ than her own. The goal of her health nagging is to provide our own community and beyond with holistic solutions she has found to be highly effective. She is here to educate, encourage and remind everyone that true health is achievable, without chronic suffering and thousands of pills ‘unhappily forever after’.

90% of health issues are self-inflicted. What I mean by that is that while we have certain pre-dispositions, the way we live, eat, sleep and move directly impacts our health state.

The majority of health issues can be reversed and even if you have certain genetic pre-dispositions, again, it does not mean a ‘life sentence’. Genetics load the gun, but the lifestyle pulls the trigger as we say. Looking for a diagnosis is not the best strategy, ticking all the boxes for your health is the way to go.  We should treat our health as a life project. When we have a certain goal, we would normally make a plan of all the steps needed to be taken in that direction. When you are to set up a business, you have a strategy too. The same is applied to health, we all need a health strategy. We assume that health is just a given. But it is not. In our modern living, industrial lifestyle, always busy, on the go, eating an inflammatory diet, you absolutely must have a strategy to reverse “the damage” and support your body. It should be a daily practice. For example, I am no longer driven purely by taste bud pleasures, I give my body what it needs first before I can indulge in a taste. It is all about what your body needs to function optimally and not always about what your mind craves. Treat your body like someone you love.

Quitting is for winners

Knowing when to quit is an art.  We are conditioned to keep fighting and never give up to achieve our goals but sometimes quitting something is the best thing you can do. Now looking back at my life, I can totally see how my inner resilience and determination often delayed something that was much better and fulfilling for me while I was fighting and refusing to quit something I already had. Knowing when to quit is an art and can save you a lot of precious time.  When you pursue goals that no longer align with your values or aspirations, quitting or letting go can be a courageous and wise decision. It can free up time, energy, and resources for more meaningful pursuits.

Quitting can also be seen as a form of adaptation and evolution. Being willing to let go of outdated strategies, unproductive habits, or toxic relationships can pave the way for personal growth, self-improvement, and positive change.

Sometimes quitting can also be a form of self-care and self-respect. Recognizing when a situation is detrimental to one's well-being or mental health and making the choice to quit can demonstrate strength, self-awareness, and a commitment to one's own happiness and fulfilment.

Do not chase happiness, chase curiosity.

Life taught me that staying curious in life is the key to happiness and continuous joy. New things bring us a tremendous amount of joy and it emphasises the value of seeking knowledge, growth, and new experiences as a means to fulfilment and personal development. By remaining open to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities, you will bring more joy and happiness to your life. Rather than seeking immediate gratification or fleeting moments of happiness, focusing on curiosity can lead to deeper and more sustainable fulfilment. Joy often emerges as a natural consequence of engaging in activities that align with your interests, values, and passions, also doing NEW things are critical for dopamine production.

While you are seeking joy, it can provide moments of happiness, prioritising curiosity can lead to long-term fulfilment, growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. By nurturing a curious mindset and pursuing interests with passion and dedication, you will embark on a journey of continuous learning, exploration, and self-discovery. This mindset will enrich your life experiences on an ongoing basis and will help you also preserve your youthfulness. You are not your age, you are your energy and interests.



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