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#LifeLessons - Anna Marie Lopes

Anna Marie Lopes

NAME: Anna Marie Lopes

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @annamarielopes, @iambraveandfree

JOB TITLE:  Content Creator 

Anna Marie is a Dubai-based expat who works as a freelance content creator and digital marketing specialist. But her passion extends beyond the digital world. She is also a certified mental health first aider and trauma recovery coach, empowering women to heal and thrive. To further her mission, she founded Brave & Free, an online community fostering awareness and support around trauma and mental health.

#LIFELESSON 1 - Pain can fuel our passion

Pain is inevitable. It can crack our hearts, shatter our dreams, and leave us feeling lost. But I’ve found that within that pain lies a hidden potential – the power to forge a purpose unlike any other.

Here's the truth: our deepest struggles often reveal our greatest strengths. When we navigate loss, illness, or heartbreak, we unearth our resilience, empathy, and a profound understanding of the human condition. These experiences, though painful, become the raw materials for creating something meaningful.

I’ve always imagined pain as a sculptor's chisel. It chips away at the facade, revealing the core of who we are. This core, honed by hardship, can shape a powerful purpose. We might become a voice of comfort for others facing similar struggles. We could channel our experience into art, music, or writing, offering solace and inspiration.

Turning pain into purpose isn't about erasing the hurt; it's about using it to see our strength and build compassion. It's about transforming our scars into stories of resilience, stories that can empower and uplift others.

#LIFELESSON 2 - Taking care of your mind isn't a luxury, it's a necessity

We spend our lives training our bodies, pushing them to their limits. Yet, we often neglect the most crucial muscle for a fulfilling life: our minds. Just like a pulled hamstring or a sprained ankle, mental health struggles can sideline us. Anxiety clouds our judgment, depression robs us of energy, and ignoring them only makes things worse.

I see the mind as the core of our being. It regulates emotions, shapes decisions, and fuels motivation. When it's healthy, I’ve been able to tackle challenges with resilience, navigate stress with grace, and build strong, positive relationships. Just like a regular workout strengthens my body, prioritizing mental health makes me mentally stronger.

Taking care of my mind has looked like saying "yes" to therapy, setting boundaries, and prioritizing myself. It's been about nurturing passions, spending time with loved ones, and saying "no" to what drains me. By treating  mental well-being as seriously as physical health, we build an inner strength that allows us to tackle life's challenges head-on and emerge, truly unstoppable.

#LIFELESSON 3 - Your inner voice is a wise one

Life throws a lot at us. Decisions pile up, opportunities flicker by, and sometimes, a nagging feeling just won't go away.  That I’ve come to realize is our intuition whispering wisdom. It's a powerful internal compass, subconscious processing, and emotional intelligence.

I’ve learnt that see my body and emotions as a complex information network. These aren't random glitches; they're intuition sending information. Ignoring them can be like silencing an alarm during a fire.


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