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#LifeLessons - Samantha Faiers

Samantha Faiers shot to fame on the UK TV reality show hit "The Only Way Is Essex" (TOWIE) in 2008, setting her on the path to today being one of the most recognised and influential TV & media personalities and subsequently entrepreneurs, in the UK.

With over 3.5 million social media followers, Samantha has graced the covers of every major UK magazine and regularly appears on prime-time television. Her 2016 TV special offered fans an up-close look into her journey into motherhood. It achieved record ratings for the network and found a global audience on Netflix. "Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries" ran for nine series before Samantha left to focus on other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Building on her reality TV career, Samantha went on to write three books, one of which is a Sunday Times bestseller. Her "La Bella" perfume became the UK’s biggest-selling celebrity fragrance in its launch year, generating tens of millions in sales and winning many prestigious beauty awards. She also has a diverse brand portfolio which includes an eyelash line, self-tanning products, hair electronics, pushchairs, prams, clothing, children's bathing products, and a home furnishing collection.

2018 was a pivotal time in Samantha's entrepreneurial journey as she founded "Revive Collagen", prompted by her own struggles with acne after the birth of her second child. Recognizing the benefits of collagen and dismayed by the limited quality options available, especially the inconvenience of powders, she addressed this gap with a premium high-dose, single-serve ready-to-drink collagen supplement. "Revive Collagen" went on to achieve phenomenal success and today, the brand is stocked in over 4,000 retail outlets across the globe, including Harrods, Sephora, and Boots. In just 3 years, Revive Collagen has become one of the UK's fastest-growing consumer brands, with one box sold every 90 seconds.

This week, 'Revive Collagen' will be participating at The Retail Summit at Atlantis, the Palm on the 23rd and 24th April as part of its strategic entry into the Middle Eastern market, marking a significant milestone in the brand's global expansion efforts. This move is supported in the region by the appointment of GMG, who will act as the brand's key distributor.

Today Samantha shares with us her 3 biggest Life Lessons to-date:

 #LifeLesson 1 - Don’t fear failure

As a TV personality turned businesswoman, I’ve had multiple ventures that haven’t worked out the way I’d hoped in the past. However, each challenging experience has taught me invaluable lessons, so I don’t regret taking the risks as it has led me to where I am today with Revive Collagen. I couldn’t be prouder of our journey and never expected to be sitting here today, with a thriving beauty international business, about to showcase the brand at the acclaimed Retail Summit with an imminent Dubai launch on the horizon.  Just remember, with every risk comes potential failure, but with every failure there’s always an important learning and future opportunity waiting to be explored. All it takes is courage and a change in your perspective.


 #LifeLesson 2 - Turn your passion into work

Being passionate about what you do will drive you forward and set you up for success. I’ve loved beauty and skincare products for as long as I remember and have really embraced self-care and wellness over the past few years; for me it’s all about taking an ‘inside out’ approach. I discovered ingestible collagen after much trial and error trying to find a solution to my post-partum acne after the birth of my second child. After experiencing game-changing results to my own skin, hair and nails after taking collagen for a month, I was driven to create a solution to my own problem, beauty needs and lifestyle; my own collagen brand that was premium beauty lead, convenient and more effective than the traditional medicinal style powder and tablet forms of collagen on the market – and so Revive Collagen was born!


 #LifeLesson 3 - Always make time for you 

As a co-founder and busy mum of three young children, I find it difficult to allow time for myself - plus, I love spending time with my family and feel guilty when I’m apart from them for a few days on business trips. However, despite what’s going on, I will try my best to carve out 5-10 minutes a day for some ‘me time’ – it’s so important and I couldn’t recommend it enough! It clears my mind and helps me show up as a better version of myself for work and for my family.

For more information visit and do check them out at The Retail Summit ahead of their regional launch.



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