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Other Women’s Jobs / Asma Siddiqui

NAME: Asma Siddiqui

AGE: 33 years old


JOB TITLE: Associate/ Legal Advisor


Asma is a qualified lawyer (BLS.LLB) currently practising in Dubai-UAE for the past 9 years. She is registered with the Bar and Council of Maharashtra and Goa (India) and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department (DLAD). In her final year of LLB, she was amongst the top three merit rank holders throughout the University of Mumbai which consisted of 100,000 plus students participating in the final year exams through the faculty of law. Asma is Indian by origin however, born and bred in the middle east.

As a legal advisor currently employed with one of the most renowned regional law firms in the UAE, she specialize in various litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters including real estate and tenancy matters, employment, criminal proceedings, civil and personal status matters. Asma also specializes in concluding out of court/amicable settlements by means of providing legal opinions, pre-litigation advice, with the aim of ensuring a positive conclusion of the disputes.

Asma truly feels that a women can and must empower themselves through law. While the profession of law has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, this is no longer the case.

What does her day look like..

8AM: On a general working day, I am out and about by this time. Obviously to work!

10AM: Kick started work already, especially with my to-do-list prepared by this time. I prefer drafting during this time slot especially with tea/coffee just ingested in the system!

12NOON: I usually prefer conducting meetings/conference calls during this time slot to have arranged for the relevant tasks throughout the day

2PM: Lunching, offering the noon prayer. Soon after, I prefer researching/studying particular law topics that are new/trending during this time since the office is quieter while people are on a break. In short time to brainstorm!

4PM: Team follow ups especially with the HOD (another brainstorming session on the go!), following up with the court team about the case updates for the day and arranging for the hearings due the next day.

6PM: Emailing/contacting clients regarding the case updates, coordinating with the advocates on the hearings due the next day just before we close the business for the day. Literally running around on my toes to race against time!

8PM: Having reached home about 30 minutes ago, I am off for an evening walk with my 20 months old toddler and my husband (catching up on our day in a jiffy while entertaining our little version 😊), post which both him and me catch up with the caretaker about our son’s activities/progress during the day, followed by supper.

10PM: Just about done with tucking in my toddler for his sleep with the bedtime routine (p.s- he loves to have a different book read to him every day), I am preparing to unwind and tuck in for the night myself soon after finishing the night prayers. Well sometimes, depending on the work demand I do need to get back to my work machine to coordinate with clients/team members on the tasks due the next day especially if the client is geographically based elsewhere and is subject to a time difference. End of the day, I am thankful, and I love what I do!


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