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Is It An End Game For Carrie & Aidan?

New York City

Back in August 2022, we revealed right here that John Corbett as Aidan Shaw was making his way back into our very own Carrie Bradshaw’s life in the upcoming new season of ‘ And Just Like That’

We pondered what this might look like and whether it meant a quick ‘bump into in the grocery store’ or a fleeting appearance as a school dad alongside some of the younger characters, although we very much hoped not.

To recap, going back to ‘Sex in the City’ where we saw Aidan last, - After his Carrie marriage rebuff, Aidan married Kath and quickly welcomed three children. In Season 6 of SATC she ran into him on the street carrying his infant son, Tate. Timeline-wise, this now makes said child around the same age as Miranda and Charlotte’s offspring, Brady Hobbes and Lily Goldenblatt.

So, as Carrie finds herself very much available again after losing her husband ‘Big’ , finding herself amongst her newly single life and everything that comes with middle-aged widowhood, we really wanted so much more for her with the re-introduction of a past love.

And are we getting it?

Well, the production shots have dropped from the current filming and it’s looking like we are seeing more of John Corbett than a single scene, and we are so here for it.

In new behind-the-scenes photos, Corbett and Parker are seen in multiple sets. In one, they’re shopping together (and smiling at each), along with pics of them holding hands …

And it’s not just any shopping trip, it’s a *homewares* shopping trip.

So if we were cynical about a potential ‘ one episode’ arc for Carrie and Aidan, these shots are getting us excited for a reunion of a more permanent kind for season 2

The season definitely promises plenty of drama when it airs this Spring. The first series featured Big's death, Miranda's new romance with Che, and Carrie even dropping Samantha a message.

However, the cliffhanger ending of the show's first season saw Carrie ready to take on her own podcast and kissing Franklyn, but we are so ready to see such a familiar face, and it looks like Ms Bradshaw is too.

Rebound relationships are not our favourite thing, and never seem to end well, but can we just hope that it’s a little bit different when it is so protracted? Getting back together with a lost love after literally decades definitely is a thing for a ‘happy ever after’ and if you were ever torn between Big & Aidan as to Mr Right for Carrie, there can only (sadly) be one Mr Right *now* for her.

The total antithesis to Big, Aidan was kind, thoughtful, and he always put Carrie first. He made her a new wardrobe for heaven's sake!. He didn’t play games. And, vitally, he always ‘got’ the friends thing, and we know you can’t have Carrie Bradshaw without Miranda, Charlotte, and now Che.

I guess we just have to wait for the BTS shots of Samantha returning though… Or is that a hope too far?


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