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And Just Like That… Aidan Shaw is Back

After the ‘Big’ closure in the first season of And Just Like That, I asked myself…

I didn’t ask myself anything. I’m not Carrie Bradshaw.

Although I think I would like to be on the basis that the lovely John Corbett is absolutely, categorically BACK as Aidan Shaw for season two.

Following on from the most New York, woke and stylish funeral ever seen, and that Paris bridge, our Carrie has definitely said goodbye to the love of her life, in physical form at least.

So what’s next for our heroine, and how will the return of her rugged, handy, one time fiancé (yes, we’d forgotten that part too) help her grief and ability to move on?

We did see her try and re-enter the dating game in season one to be fair, albeit unsuccessfully, but with pathos and the realities of the difference between mid ‘90’s hook-ups and the whole new world of not only relationships in the 2020’s, but also the fact that she, and they, are indeed 25 years older too.

Back to Aidan.

To recap - After his Carrie marriage rebuff, Aidan married Kath and quickly welcomed three children. In Season 6 of SATC she ran into him on the street carrying his infant son, Tate. Timeline wise, this now makes said child around the same age as Miranda and Charlotte’s offspring, Brady Hobbes and Lily Goldenblatt.

Let’s not forget that Aidan was also pretty pally with Steve Brady back in the day - he was a silent partner in Steve’s bar venture, which seemingly, Steve still runs until this day.

It’s not inconceivable that Aidan Shaw makes his return as the father of one of the younger characters' friends, or as part of a Steve Brady bro-mance. It’s also entirely possible that it could all be about Carrie.

It’s reported that we are going to see a multi episode story arc for Aidan, so a quick wave on the street, propping up the bar, or popping up at a parents evening isn’t going to be the end of it, although it could just be the start.

Filming starts in the Autumn for AJLT Season Two, airing in 2023. I guess it’s only when we start to see those on set shots and spoilers will we be able to piece together the true reason for Aidans return. After all, everybody needs somebody, and we never thought we’d see Ms. B single in the city for too long did we?

Now we just need Samantha Jones to ‘come home’ and we’re all good.

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