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How to Manifest What You Want in just 4 simple steps

Power of Manifestation

Manifestation is often perceived as a buzz word, a mythical concept in the world of self-development, but it is actually far more effective than that. Manifestation is the power to create the reality that you want in your life.

Practicing the law of attraction and learning how to manifest is more than just a myth. When practiced well, it can change your life. You may already know or have read books on the law of attraction. Is it as magical and easy as those guides suggest? The answer is yes, and not quite.

A testing journey

When you begin practicing the law of attraction to create the life you desire, you may lose faith in the process, and perhaps even quit altogether at some point. This is the part that is least talked about, possibly because it removes the magic from manifestation.

You may be tempted to quit because when you decide to go for it and dream big, your brain will start to rewire. It will create situations and outcomes to get you ready for your desires. While this seems great, the rewiring process can happen in unpleasant ways and can be quite an uncomfortable experience.

In between the wish and the materialising of that wish is a journey during which you will be tested.

From the comfort zone to the action zone

The tests are not meant to discourage you, but rather, to prepare you for realising you wish. Think of the rewiring as an upgrade. Knowing this in advance will prepare you and get you to your goal much quicker and with the least resistance.

Consider this example:

You want to manifest a specific car that you like, but you don’t have a driver’s license yet. Now that you have this goal to manifest, your brain will constantly remind you of the fact that you need to get a driver’s license.

It will do so to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. This discomfort is exactly what will help push you out of the comfort zone and into the action zone.

This happens because your thoughts create your reality. You will start to attract situations that mirror back the reality that you don’t have a driver’s license, because that thought is already embedded in your mind.

You have an appointment; you book yourself an Uber only for the driver to cancel on you last minute. You end up being late to your appointment and therefore stressed and frustrated. The wish you have for a car is what triggered the thoughts that caused the delays.

This happened in order for you to start acting on that driver’s license. This situation becomes the trigger to begin learning how to drive, get a license, and then get a car. Having this knowledge will help your brain focus on all that is needed to be done for you to attain your goal.

The law of vibration

Another important and rarely mentioned manifestation secret is ‘the law of vibration’. While the law of attraction helps you to direct your focus and thoughts to manifest what you want, the law of vibration helps you match the vibration of the wish you want to be manifested.

This law is based on the premise that everything is energy, and everything is in vibration all the time; even inanimate objects vibrate. Based on this concept, you want to learn how to raise your thoughts and emotions to a higher frequency to match the frequency of your goal.

Where the law of attraction tells us to practice positive thinking and affirmations to attract our goals, the law of vibration goes deeper and shows us how to release the triggers and reset our thinking to attain what we want.

Attraction through positive emotions

Thoughts precede emotions and each emotion has an opposite emotion, which is the law of polarity. To manifest anything, your thoughts need to be positive to elicit positive emotions. That will raise your vibration to a higher frequency, at which you can easily and effortlessly attract the goal that you wish to manifest.

For example, you want to manifest a healthier fitter body, but you currently don’t have the feelings or the thoughts that resonate with that body. You’ve grown accustomed to criticising yourself and putting yourself down, which puts you in a low state of vibration that is not strong enough to attract what you want. Moving away from thoughts of self-criticism to self-care will help you to build positive emotions to raise your vibration.

The law of polarity in action

Going back to the example of the car, becoming frustrated with the delays in your appointment is going to trigger unpleasant thoughts and as a result, unpleasant emotions. Those emotions are your trigger to take action.

Once you release frustration and calm yourself, which is the law of polarity in action, you are one step closer to the goal. You can now take action to start learning to drive, which gets you closer to owning a car. If you stay frustrated, you might not act, and you are pushing the goal further away as a result.

Managing your thoughts to manage your emotions

To manifest the life you want, you need to take charge of your thoughts. Here’s how to do that in just four steps:

1. Become aware of the challenge you’re facing, which in this case, is not having a driver’s license.

2. Focus on the quality of your thoughts and the impact they’re having on your emotions. In this case, practice more helpful internal discourse to encourage or remind yourself that you can easily learn how to drive and until then you are staying calm and grateful for having other means of transport.

3. Start taking action towards your goal, i.e., starting driving lessons.

4. Rinse and repeat for at least 30 days until it becomes a habit.

This is the process to attract anything you want, using these 4 simple steps you will reach your goal faster, easier, and in a more enjoyable way.

Dr Ayat Mekki is a Master Coach, Advanced Thetahealing Practitioner, and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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