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How To Look Great In Your Active Wear, All Day Long

Too much to do between your early morning gym session and the school run? Check out our failsafe fashion tips for looking great at the gym and everywhere in between

Great in Active Wear

So how do we make our workout gear look like an everyday styled outfit? I’m going to share with you the best ways in which you can give off a stylish athleisure vibe whilst wearing your gym wear anywhere and anytime. These tips will also work for those who have zero time to hop into a shower after a gym session and have to be somewhere ASAP in their workout gear.

Accessorise all areas

Accessories in the fashion world are the key to life and can literally pull an entire look together. Add sunglasses, bracelets, layered necklaces, gold-hooped earrings, a chic baseball hat and/or even a stylish, slick handbag. By also changing up your trainers for a cool pair of flats (perhaps Dad sandals) instantly changes the vibe of your look.

Add a blazer

Blazers can elevate any look, be it dressy or casual. By adding a blazer to your active wear, you add an unexpected element to it plus it doubles up as a nice modest cover-up and protection against chilly a/c in the malls. Trust me, a blazer is your BFF.

Add an oversized shirt

Similar vibe to the blazer above, an oversized shirt gives cool girl chic with a touch of effortless style. This look is particularly ideal for here in the UAE as it’s not as heavy as a blazer but still gives that modest look also. Denim, linen and cotton are great material choices for this vibe.

Stick to a neutral palette

Nothing screams gym wear like colourful, patterned leggings and a bright neon yellow sports bra with matching fluorescent trainers. Keep it simple with neutral colours such as black, white, nudes and browns, which make transitioning to casual wear, much easier.

Check the condition

If you’re working out in baggy, stained, over-washed and over-stretched t-shirts with ratty leggings that have seen better days, it’s time to up the condition of your workout gear and invest in pieces that can take you from the gym to the café. Choosing good quality gym wear is not only the more sustainable option because of longevity, it will also transition more easily into stylish everyday wear.

Be conscious of showing too much skin

It goes without saying modesty is also key in transitioning this look plus it’s always good to be mindful of where we are living. An exposed mid-riff in a sports bra with tiny, tight shorts is not going to cut it even you add all of the accessories and a jacket.

If in doubt, add a sweatshirt

I’m a big fan of oversized, cool sweatshirts/jumpers. They look particularly good with leggings and bike shorts (think Princess Diana in the 80’s style!). It’s a great, stylish yet slouchy look that looks good with active wear. Bonus points if it’s one with a cool, trendy slogan or colour.


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