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How to Make your Home Appeal to Potential Buyers

By Louise Heatley, MD at Exclusive Links Real Estate Brokers

If you are considering selling your property in Dubai there are some home improvements that you could consider before entering the market. Before any potential homebuyer enters your home, your appointed agent would be arranging for professional photographs and videos to be taken to list your property.

It is important to stage your home to ensure your property is showcased as best as possible as it is a well-known fact that properties advertised for sale with high quality imagery will spend less time on the market and sell faster. We must also all remember the power of ‘online shopping’ and a well-presented property online sets the scene of what a potential buyer can expect. Selling a property can be fiercely competitive so a little help here and there can go a long way.

Some call it kerbside appeal but ultimately it is all about creating a lasting first impression on any buyer visiting your property for a viewing. A front door can tell a buyer a lot about a property and what they are about to see. You want to create a space that each buyer can see themselves living and entertaining in and somewhere they will be proud to call home. You can do this by depersonalizing and decluttering your home and removing where possible personal photo frames and any unnecessary decorations, therefore appealing to a wider market. Removing personal toiletries from bathrooms and making sure your kitchen and bathrooms are sparkling – doesn’t cost but will go a long way when selling a home. Make sure you fill your home with natural lights with all blinds and curtains open.

It is important to not spend too much time or money on upgrading and renovating a property prior to listing it on the market for sale. This investment may not be reflected or returned in the selling price as your renovations may, quite simply, not appeal to the buyer. Consider freshening up your home with a lick of neutral paint colour, covering any signs of wear and tear and cracks in the walls. Attending to small handyman jobs around the home is vital and ensuring there is no evidence of any pending maintenance works.

For any modifications that you have carried out in your home during your ownership – ensure you have the necessary developers’ approvals. On the subject of paperwork – never let your legal obligations on the property fall behind as delays in payments of service and utility bills can cause delay and disruption to the sale process.

Homeowners in Dubai put a high value on outdoor spaces and even more so after the Covid pandemic. Don’t lose interest or let your garden deteriorate whilst it is listed for sale which can easily happen in Dubai’s harsh climate. Keep your flowerbeds and pots looking colourful and attractive and if you have a private pool or jacuzzi – make sure these are clean and clearly working. Consider power washing outdoor paved areas, driveways, garage doors and outdoor furniture.

When selling property in Dubai, consider removing evidence of pets and alcohol as you are appealing to a multicultural audience and don’t want to detract attention away from your property. Ensure there are no lingering odours about the house and the simple addition of a fresh bunch of flowers about the home can go a long way.

You want to create an impression that your home has been cared for and is not run down. It is also key to listen to the advice of your appointed marketing agent – remember it is also in their best interest to sell your property. They will also be aware of what other similar properties are selling in the area and the condition of the properties you are competing against.

Kitchens and bathrooms are main focus areas for buyers so some modernisation may be suggested but ask for a comparable market report, so you are not unnecessarily outlaying extra costs. Regrouting or replacing door handles can sometimes be a sufficient point of difference between your property and the next. It is all about entering the market with the right property at the right price with the right frame of mind. These suggestions should not incur excessive costs but will certainly give you a better chance of achieving your selling price.

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