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Glow Hub Skincare Launches in the UAE!

By Marwa Mohamed

For beauty aficionados like myself, there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding a new skincare brand that encapsulates everything from targeted skincare solutions to flattering packaging that looks great on my beauty vanity! Thus, I was thrilled when I learned that Glow Hub has made its way to the UAE, as it sounded like a brand that would tick all the boxes, in my humble opinion.

Glow Hub is the new kid on the block, offering personalised routines that will tackle all your skincare woes from breakouts and irritation to parched skin. Their innovative vegan-friendly and cruelty-free formulas blend natural active ingredients with gentle science – working hard without being harsh!

The colour-coded, mix-and-match packaging makes the process of customising your very own skincare routine a breeze, even for the laziest of us! So, whether you’re looking to buy an entire routine from the same range or looking to add a couple of products to your current routine, Glow Hub’s got your back..and skin!

Here are some of the hero products from the range we’ve got our eyes on:

Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Super Serum (AED 75) - Skin unbalanced, oily or about to breakout? This Ultra-lightweight & skin brightening, Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Super Serum works to balance & clarify, tackling impurities.

Glow Hub Nourish and Hydrate Face Mask Stick (AED 65) - Dew you want a peach of that This mask is infused with kaolin clay to cleanse your skin, fruity peach extract plus thirst-quenching coconut water to keep the skin moisturised

Glow Hub Zit Zap Wand (AED 40) – Made With papaya extract + salicylic acid for targeted exfoliation & hyaluronic acid to help brighten dull marks. The super-targeted Glow Hub Zit Zap Wand has been made to give spots a stern talking to, leaving skin glowing & breakouts gone!

Glow Hub Pore Polish Face Exfoliator (AED 50) - The Pore Polish Facial Exfoliator! Gently scrub away dead skin cells, dirt & impurities to help lessen the appearance of breakouts & leave skin feeling silky soft, smooth & fresh.

Glow Hub Products are available for purchase from


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