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Celebrity Beauty Brands We Love

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Celebrities and beauty go hand in hand, with many being used as ambassadors over the years lending their faces to ad campaigns for mouthwatering fees.. So, one leap further of course is for celebrities to launch their very own beauty brand. Call us cynical, but for every great celebrity beauty brand, there are also a fair few we feel should not have happened, no names mentioned!

Here we’ll give you our rundown on the celebrity beauty brands that are truly worth trying and not just for the name on the label.

  • Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Beauty

As if VB had not achieved enough, then she became a beauty brand goddess too. With a truly elegant collection, Victoria would proudly have on her own dressing table, in just 4 years the sophisticated brand has achieved iconic status for its skincare and colour cosmetics.

Hero Product: Too many to name and we do love the mascara, but “Posh Gloss” gets our vote here for being pigmented, glossy and not sticky. The glass bottle just adds to the chicness and we love any chance to pull it out and apply it.

Find it: You’ll need to ship in from – but delivery is speedy.

  • Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin by Rhianna

What Fenty beauty has achieved is impressive to say the least and the Fenty craze shows no sign of slowing down. Launched back in September 2017, Rihanna’s make-up brand gave even the heritage make-up brands a run for their money. With inclusivity and a much broader range of shades than we’d seen, the Fenty line invites everyone and anyone to look at good as founder Rihanna.

Hero Product: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb – Gorgeous colours and keeps lips hydrated without being sticky.

Find it: In Sephora /

  • Miranda Kerr: Kora Organics

One of our personal celebrity brands definitely gets us one step closer to supermodel skin. Miranda truly cares about what goes into her products creating a truly sustainable and kind brand.

Hero Product: Once again, hard to choose as the scrub is amazing and skin-changing, but the Noni Glow Face Oil does it for us. It’s a rich, powerful and yet gentle face oil suitable for all skin types.

Find it: Not currently available in the UAE, you can buy it on or Look Fantastic too.

  • Huda Beauty

We couldn’t not include our homegrown Huda Kattan and her multi-award winning beauty brand in our list as she remains one of the most popular beauty brands ever.

Hero Product: The Palettes. For us, we love her eye shadows and curated palette collections every time.

Find it: Sephora stores /

  • Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

We’re long-term fans of Jessica Alba and her Honest line is truly brilliant. The range of skincare and make-up has been formulated without parabens and phthalates, and other toxic ingredients with a talented team of toxicologists, dermatologists and chemists.

Hero Product: The Honest Beauty Fresh Flex Concealer – winner of many awards and its medium coverage is hydrating and does not cake.

Find it: Not currently available in the UAE, you can buy on iHerb and Cult Beauty and ship in.

  • Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Drew was one of the first to launch her brand way back in 2013. Flower Beauty offers a great range of affordable beauty. Our original girl crush continues!

Hero Product: Flower Pots Power Blush is a truly great blush for only $10 (approx. AED 36).

Find it: Not currently available in the UAE, you can buy it at

  • Goop Beauty by Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth’s brand goop represents a high quality, high efficacy products and honestly, they come at a price too. The majority of the range is worth a try as we’ve rarely used one we did not love.

Hero Product: GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator - this delivers glowing, super smooth skin in no time.

Find it: Most of the range has to be shipped internationally, but Faces Beauty now stocks a small range.

  • Rose Inc by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

When Rosie Huntington-Whiteley brought her Rose Inc brand beauty products out last year, she really did not disappoint. The range is clean, and sustainable and all designed to give you a naturally beautiful look.

Hero Product: The Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating Concealer is super hydrating, and creamy and doesn’t clog in your fine lines. It also lasts a long time.

Find it: You will need to ship in on Net-a-Porter or Cult Beauty.

  • Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

On a mission to show how beauty and mental health are linked, Selena’s Rare Beauty ranges in her own words, “this is makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique. We love that.

Hero Product: The Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is one of the best blushes we ever used and this is not an exaggeration. Available in lots of shades and matte and dewy.

Find it: Sephora Stores /


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