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Buying Clothes for Others...

Shopping| Buying Clothes for others

For most people (not for all!), trawling through the shops, malls or online can be the ultimate source of enjoyment especially when you are shopping for yourself. But when it comes to shopping and buying clothes in particular for others, it becomes a stress fest!

Clothes can be a great Christmas gift - or any time of year for that matter! There does not even have to be an occasion to buy somebody a shirt, a dress, a pair of jeans or accessories. It’s a nice gesture and in your book…the person is probably going to wear it. Right? But purchasing clothes for somebody else is inherently different than doing it for yourself and I’m going to share some important factors you need to consider when buying clothing for other people.

1. Their Style

Style is one of the most important things that makes a person who they are. Our style defines us and shows the world what we are about. A casual, day-to-day outfit on one person may be deemed dressy attire to another. Style can be a very personal and individual choice. Instead of going in blindly when shopping for somebody else, think about what kind of clothes the person usually wears and to what occasion. Check their Instagram feed to get some inspiration into what the person likes or get advice from someone close to them. Buy them something similar to what they have and like of the same style and you will never make a wrong choice.

2. Time of Year

The time of year is a great help when shopping for clothes to give somebody. During the hot summer months – you can never go wrong with linen and light fabrics. If the particular person is planning a summer holiday, think of accessories such as a sun hat, beach sarong, flip flops (make sure you know their shoe size) or beach bag. The same can be said for winter holidays. Think matching gloves, hats and scarfs, cozy pajamas, slippers or woolly jumpers. Use seasons as your guide and buy items that are generally worn at that time of year.

3. Know their size

Don’t just guess what would fit or not! Make sure you pick the right size or find out their correct clothing and shoe size – so they know you really put an effort in picking their gift. A tip here is to also provide a gift receipt just in case said items do not fit.

4. Sports and Activities

A lot of sporting activities and hobbies involve special items and gear that usually comes in the form of clothing and accessories. If the person likes a particular sport, you can get them a jersey of their favourite player or country – for example football and basketball kits. If they are passionate about the gym and working out, some active tops, leggings or shorts are a great way to show them you know exactly what the like.

5. Interests and Passions

Knowing the person well is crucial before you can buy them clothes they will like. Do they have a main interest or hobby they are very passionate about? For example, is there a particular type of music genre they love or band/singer? Are they a movie fanatic? Remember, anything can be printed on a t-shirt. Giving something that is personalised (such as their favourite band on a tee or even their name!) shows thoughtfulness and you can never go wrong with this.


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