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Black Friday Sales, Are They Really Worth It?

By Irene Feeney Steele

With many retailers offering sales on their products throughout the year – is Black Friday, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday really worth waiting for?

Black Friday seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year, just like Christmas and Halloween with retailers and businesses hopping onto the bandwagon to lure customers and make as much out of the busy ‘ber’ months. Whilst many will argue, it can be worthwhile waiting for a Good Friday sales bargain, others will claim – just because an item is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s at the best price. Even though the Saturday before Christmas is still in fact the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday weekend, falling directly after Thanksgiving, has gained more and more momentum every year. I feel in recent years, Black Friday has become a highly anticipated and almost stressful weekend. I, like many, have also been lured into the hype of this anxiety-fueled period with adverts everywhere I look claiming the best deals around and my social media platforms bombarded with special offers I cannot miss. But are we really missing out? Certainly, in the last couple of years, it seems Black Friday has lost its luster and shoppers are catching on. With many brands starting their Black Friday sales earlier in November in order to attract more shoppers – the appeal of a mega-sales bonanza weekend has diminished and has been almost diluted.

Personally, the idea of going near a mall around the Black Friday weekend fills me with dread. If I do fancy a sneak peek at some deals and perhaps get on top of some Christmas shopping, I’ll 100% hit my laptop or phone from the comfort of my own couch or bed. Online is the only way to go if you want to avoid crowds, queues, fighting for car parking spaces, stress and potential arguments. From a Christmas shopping perspective, I do feel I’m winning at life though if I do manage to snag a few online deals that weekend. Psychologically, ticking those Christmas gift items off the to-do list feels good and especially if Black Friday helps - #grateful.

But what is worth buying during Black Friday weekend? Is everything deemed a good deal? Traditionally, TV’s have been an item much sought after during Black Friday sales but it’s also worth noting that Black Friday products are often older technology or specifically engineered to sell at a special price. It’s a well known fact that fitness equipment and winter clothing will always be cheaper later in the year with fitness deals peaking in January and winter apparel plummeting as the weather starts heating up again and the summer season is upon us. Toys are also significantly less expensive a week before Christmas and for the most part, the January sales are still traditionally a time when shoppers like to seek a New Years bargain.

In saying this, there are many of us that hold out for Black Friday weekend and keep a close eye on wish-list items with the hope that they are about to be massively reduced. We all love a bargain (just not being bombarded with it everywhere we look) and that feeling of self-satisfaction when you’ve managed to save a few bucks.

With that in mind, go forth and may the Black Friday odds be ever in your favour.

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