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Big Breast Fashion Woes

by Irene Steele Style

Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally ignored by fashion when it comes to having big boobs? It seems for decades now, large breasts just don’t fit sample sizes and ignored by designers and retailers worldwide, with the excuse pertaining to ‘the clothes just don’t hang well on them’. With inclusivity at the forefront of many designers and clothing brands these days – is enough being done to accommodate ladies with a larger bust size? Whilst on the outside, it may look that way – with many brands, especially plus-size brands focusing on collections to ensure big-chested fashion fans are thoroughly included but in reality, it also means garments with a multitude of tiny straps, built-in bras with little to no support and flimsy materials that only people with small breasts can afford to wear.

It’s become apparent that ladies with fuller busts usually have to ‘size-up’ to accommodate their boobs. As a fashion stylist, I see this regularly with no allowance made for bigger breasts especially in trendy clothing. Not only are the garments an ‘awkward fit’ but it does little for a woman’s self-esteem. Thin spaghetti straps, Bardot-style tops and dresses as well as bralet cropped-tops are not helping the cause when a lot of women need to rely on quality supportive bras with thick straps.

For many, gaping shirts, material pulling all sides and dresses that fit your bottom but not your top are the norm. Fashionably dressing bigger breasts can be a challenge if you don’t have the know-how. So until the fashion industry comes up with a cleverer way to ensure ladies with a larger cleavage are consistently included – let’s look at some ways and ideas to make big boobs look even more chic and to avoid hiding your cleavage under layers of wide clothing!

  • Balance proportions by emphasising your waist. Tops or dresses that hug your waist will distract the gaze a little from your bust. Tops and dresses with a wrap-around look, hug your curves and flatter your waist. Whether you wear a shirt dress, shift dress or wrap dress – the shape of the garment should always hug your figure.

  • V-neck is your best friend when it comes to larger chests. High-necked tops often make your breasts appear bigger because the upper body appears shortened. Therefore, a V-neck top or dress optically extends the line of the neck and thus ensures more balanced proportions. A cute heart-shaped neckline can also emphasise the cleavage in a tasteful way albeit conceals a little more than the V-neck so more modest in appearance.

  • Other necklines to look out for are square and scoop necklines. These are great for layering and ideal if you want to avoid too much cleavage from the V-neck options.

  • Staying with tops - a stretchy smock-type top is a clever way to hug your curves perfectly whilst remaining super comfortable. Look out for dresses in this style too.

  • A-line or voluminous skirts, boyfriend-cut jeans and culottes can assist in balancing proportions. Pair these with a more fitting top to enhance that fabulous figure.

  • Avoid large statement necklaces. They can appear overloaded on large-chested women. The focus of your statement jewellery should be on your bracelets or earrings instead.

  • The same can be said for flashy, patterned tops. They can be over-kill and draw too much attention. Rather stick to plain or neutral colours on top.

  • An over-sized blazer can look extremely cool on everyone. No need to get it tailored to fit your bust and waist. Just leave it open for a fresh and trendy look.

  • If you want to try the cropped top trend but have avoided it because of having a large bust. Try one with a twist or knot. These add more definition and highlight your shape more. Remember to also pair the top with high-waisted bottoms.

  • Same can be said with wearing a t-shirt. If you’re in a ‘tee’ kinda mood but hate how the fabric falls on your body – try a French tuck. Tuck just the front part into your trousers/bottoms to highlight your waist.

  • I love a nice coordinating set as they take the hard work out of getting dressed in the morning. They are ideal for ladies who are larger on top than on the bottom as you can buy different sizes. Wear them together or mix and match them with other pieces in your wardrobe for a multitude of outfit options.

  • A belted shirt dress will give you an instant sense of comfort in your own skin as it ticks all the boxes when it comes to balancing proportions. Even if you have a loose dress in your wardrobe, clinch it in at the waist with a belt for added style.


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