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Away This Summer But Worried About Your Plants? Fear Not.

Many of us are very excited to be escaping the heat this summer to cooler climates, eager to make memories with family and friends. For the most part, people's biggest concern is usually finding someone to look after their pets. But what about your beloved houseplants you have spent months trying not to kill?

Fear not! ACE is here to save the day with their 'Plant Holiday Home'. Yup, you heard us correctly, you can send your plants to be looked after while you are gone. The Greenhouse at ACE in Festival Plaza - Jebel Ali, is a haven for plants and plant enthusiasts alike.

From 25 June through 31 August, the Plant Holiday Home will be open for both indoor and outdoor plants. It’s the ideal environment with a temperature-controlled greenhouse overseen by ACE's skilled in-house horticulturist. Plant Holiday Home offers add-on treatments as well, including pruning, fertilizer, top dressing (soil and fertilizer change), and a soil change spa treatment.

Customers can make reservations by sending an email to They must include their contact information, arrival, and departure dates, as well as photographs and descriptions of their plants.


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