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A Taste Of Persian Hospitality At Belgrave Abu Dhabi

Persian food

Belgrave Abu Dhabi reinvents Persian hospitality by creating distinctive blends of Eastern and Western cuisines, one of only three 'Belgrave' restaurants in the world. In London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, Belgrave AD is stimulating guests' appetites for rich Persian tastes. With its warm welcomes, the London-born restaurant is elevating the art of Persian hospitality.

Amin Ebra, chef and founder of the restaurant, and Honey Ebra, his sister, stick true to their family's historic love for food by carefully crafting each dish and thoughtfully curating a menu that pleases everyone. The owner's grandfather was the head chef of the former Persian monarchy, so bringing these flavours and traditions to Belgrave Abu Dhabi brings its guests the sights, sounds, wonders, and piquant flavours of its heritage.

The Abu Dhabi branch of Belgrave boasts plush modern interiors influenced by the British and Persian royal families. The incredible cuisine is complemented by an equally impressive beverage selection. Among them is their exquisite coffee, made with the finest Arabica beans that are amongst the most luxurious and rarest in the region.



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